How to go viral with Instagram Reels

How to go viral with Instagram Reels

Instagram Reels has been one of the latest additions to Instagram. This novelty has a clear objective, to compete with one of the fashionable social networks, TikTok. In other words, what it intends is that users can consume the content they like without having to go to another social network. But what exactly does Instagram Reels consist of?

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What is Instagram Reels and why should you use it?

The Reels Instagram is a new way to create and consume short videos , specifically 15 or 30 seconds. It is a way to grow your account quickly, although to achieve this it is necessary that the content is original and fun. If we say this it is because with the arrival of Reels, Instagram made changes to its algorithm and, apparently, is giving greater visibility to those accounts that are using this function.

Tips to get viral on Instagram Reels

Reels have been on Instagram for a few months now, which means that it is increasingly difficult to become visible and stand out because competition increases. However, we explain a series of tricks and tips with which you could create short videos and go viral on this social network.

Focus on a specific niche or topic

One of the ways to gain followers and go viral on Instagram is to find a topic or category within Instagram and post about it with some regularity.

The Instagram algorithm uses machine learning technology, so it will show those posts to those who have already shown some interest in that topic. Hence, it is so important to choose a topic or niche, to capture the attention of a specific profile.

It includes a hook to capture the attention

Currently thousands of Reels are published daily, so to create viral content, it must be entertaining and interesting . In addition, in order to stand out, you can add a personal touch that makes it unique and original . The first few seconds of video are key to capturing the audience’s attention, so it is important that that touch is shown at the beginning.

Make it the right size

The optimal video size in Instagram Reels is 1080 x 1920 pixels , so that it is displayed at full resolution, with a aspect ratio of 9:16 , which means that the video must be recorded vertically. For the display to be attractive and not to lose information, these sizes must be respected.

Do not include TikTok watermarks

The launch of Instagram Reels had a very clear objective, to be more popular than TikTok and for users to choose Instagram to publish their videos. To achieve this, the Instagram algorithm is capable of detecting TikTok watermarks so as not to promote these videos . So to position this type of video you have to remove or not include those watermarks.

Include text in your video

It is estimated that more than 80% of Instagram users watch videos without sound, whether they are Stories or Reels, so it is a very good idea to add subtitles or text that can help understand the content without audio . In addition, the text will also allow people with hearing difficulties to understand the video.

Include a Call to Action

A Call to Action should always be included to encourage the audience to interact with the videos. It is the best way to know the impressions, feelings, opinions … of the public and create content based on it. This does not mean moving away from the chosen topic, but rather how to target it.

Use viral elements

In order for a specific content to become viral, you can resort to elements that are in fashion , such as music or challenges. This implies being up to date with trends and observing how the public is reacting to them to use them, as long as they fit within the category or theme in question.

Use hashtags to promote it

Hashtags are a key element in any type of publication, so they should also be used in Instagram Reels. If we say this it is because they can help the Instagram algorithm to understand the type of content of that video to offer it to those users who may be interested.

Hashtags must be chosen very carefully. The most used are not always the best, since they have more competition, so we must also take into account those who have less.

Create a custom cover

To make your video attractive from the start, the ideal is to create a custom cover . It is the image that will appear as a presentation of the content, which the user will see before clicking on it.

The cover will add value to the content and will make it much more striking and attractive, even giving it homogeneity to the profile.

Publish your Reel at the time of highest audience

Not all hours are good to publish or every day, so you should detect the moments in which the most public interested in that content is connected. This depends a lot on the type of profile, since it is not the same to try to capture the attention of adolescents than those over 30 years of age.

Publications can be scheduled to appear at that time and on that day of maximum audience . In this way you can achieve greater engagement.

Share your Reel on your Instagram feed and your Stories

To give a Reel greater visibility , this can be shared in the Instagram feed and also in Stories. The idea is that the followers do not miss that publication, so it can be advertised within the same profile in different ways.

Going viral through Instagram Reels is possible, although not fast. The most important thing is to focus on regularly creating interesting and eye-catching content, as well as using all the tricks we’ve mentioned in this article.

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