How to grow your account, monetize and make money with Instagram 2021

How to grow your account, monetize and make money with Instagram 2021

Everyone wants to make money with Instagram in 2021 because it is the social network of the moment. In it are the millennial and centennial generation, being very active audiences. So where do brands want to be and where can you generate business? On Instagram, of course.

Instagram was born as a simple platform to share photos and, since its birth in 2010, until now it has become a success. Hence, I am going to explain to you how to grow your Instagram account and earn money with it.

Learning how to monetize it is a challenge and can be very beneficial if done correctly, both organically and through Instagram advertising.

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In this video that we have made you will be able to discover the keys to monetize your Instagram account and thus learn the ways to earn money on this social network.

Just look the number of active users per month and the position it occupies in the most famous social networks in the world, according to Statista as of January 2021. We are already more than 1,221 million people, who every day open our mobile and dedicate ourselves to watching or sharing images and videos on this social network.


It surpasses such established networks as TikTok, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, WeChat or Snapchat. And little is missing to catch up with Facebook Messenger.

It is not a passing fad, it is an established network. Many of us use it to search for information on images, above Google Images or Flickr, follow our influencers and favorite brands and gossip about what the acquaintances are doing.

Other information of interest provided by the same Instagram team are :

  • More than 1 billion active accounts every month worldwide.
  • 90% of accounts follow a minimum company on Instagram.
  • More than 500 million accounts use Stories daily.

  • 4 million companies use Stories ads every month.
  • 58% of users say they have shown more interest on a product after having seen it in Stories.
  • 45% of users prefer stories to discover trends.
  • 50% of people who see stories, at some point After seeing a product they have visited the web to buy it.

It is the place where celebrities and ordinary people can show their profile without depending directly on the mass media ication or having a blog. Instagram has become a medium on its own and becoming an influencer within this network is a challenge for many people.

With a little patience and perseverance, who will If you propose it, you can become an influencer and make your presence profitable in this network.

Of course, we must bear in mind that today there is more competition than a few years ago. So, it is necessary to work the profile very well , the information that is put, the hashtags that are chosen, the time of publication and publish videos and images of very high quality. You may be interested in reading the article: Instagram, best time to post and get more likes.

Taking into account all these aspects, here are the tips to grow and monetize your Instagram account in 7 steps .

Initial recommendations to have your Instagram account ready

Images and videos of very good quality

A simple photo is no longer valid made with your mobile to earn money with your Instagram account.

Photos are the soul of this platform and if you want to stand out above the rest, you should worry about the quality of the images. These are the 3 important points:

You can take photos or videos with a mobile phone, but check that it has a quality camera. Or use a camera that gives you that extra differential to your profile.

You must take into account:

  • megapixels are important for a good snapshot, but they don’t tell the whole story.

  • Good light sensor . Size influences performance in low visibility conditions and better dynamic range.

  • Good lente.

  • The maximum aperture of the camera , which indicates the amount of light that can enter our sensor (f /1.7 has more light than f / 2.2).

  • The image processing .

  • See if the device has three or more rear cameras , it is the most cutting-edge technology now and allows you to create Wide-angle images, apart from other wonders.

Also think about the framing of the image. It is important that the focus of attention is on what you want to have with the photo.

Como monetizar tu cuenta de Instagram

On the other hand, there is the previous edition of the photo before you publish it. Instagram offers you several filters and parameters, but if you want to professionalize and make your Instagram account profitable , it is better that you use professional applications. Like:

  • Lightroom . It is a very useful and user friendly tool. It allows quality photos to have a professional finish You can retouch light and contrast, cover small details that you do not like and organize the photos by folders.

  • Photoshop . The mother of all image editing programs. It is for advanced levels, but if you know how to use it you can achieve real magic with your images.

  • Canva . This online application is very simple to use and allows you to quickly and intuitively frame images, decide the size of the photo, add effects or texts and put a filter.

If you want to discover how to get the maximum return with your organic and Social Ads images , click on the link and read this complete article.

CURSO Como ser influencer y monetizar tu instagram

Your profile as a brand exhibitor: choose a market niche

Having a general account is of little use today. Instagram has grown so much that standing out has become more difficult.

To attract attention and gain a place with your professional account and make it profitable , you must specialize in a niche of market.

People who want to earn money with Instagram do not see their account as a personal profile, but as one more window to the world of their business.

According to the study of Social Networks by IAB Spain, 62% of regular Instagram users are women and 38% are men. It is a social network where female use predominates, but which is increasingly used by the opposite sex, as it is exponentially growing. In the 16-30 age group 70% are girls and in the 31-45 age group it falls five points (65%).

Being a highly visual platform, above all accounts related to:

  • Animals / Pets

  • Shops / Ecommerces to publicize products / services

  • Brands (with a branding objective, rather than final sale)

  • Kitchen / Restoration

  • Sports / wellness / fitness / diet

  • Automotive

  • Architecture, design, illustration and art

  • Travel, leisure and hospitality

  • Fashion

  • Beauty

  • Jewelry

  • Etc.

An example is @MargotBlanxart who focuses the theme of his account on the production of boho accessories for brides and wedding guests. It is:

  • A window of your handmade products.

  • A way to redirect to ecommerce.

  • To promote your courses in the workshop.

  • And also a contact channel to place orders.


In his profile bio he details what is dedicated, the option to send a message, your address and the link to your online shop.

And in the posts we find some very careful professional images, friendly texts focused on generating conversation with users (not only on selling) and on a selection of hashtags related to the theme of their business sector, few but good .


To take a qualitative leap and professionalize your account, you must convert it into a company profile. This is done by linking your Instagram with Facebook. So you can put a call to action button like: “Send Message”, obtain data with Analytics and advertise on Instagram.

How to grow your account and earn money with Instagram in 7 steps (+3 extras)

1) How to monetize Instagram organically

To make money with Instagram , the first thing is to achieve a prominent presence on the web, which allows you to attract the visibility you are looking for for your products or for those of other brands.

The first step, therefore, is to grow your Instagram account organically by generating quality content that is relevant to your potential audience. At a minimum, you need to reach several thousand followers before you can propose a monetization strategy.

To help you in this task, I recommend the HashtagsForLikes tool, which allows you to identify the content and hashtags that work best on your niche.


In addition to having a certain number of followers, it is essential that your audience is involved and interacts often with your content. To do this, focus on meeting the needs of your target audience and encouraging conversations and reactions.

Check out this related article on Instagram hashtags.

2) Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is one of the easiest ways to monetize your presence on Instagram.

This strategy consists of being a “brand ambassador” for products that you use and believe in. By talking about them, you can share a link to their page and / or a discount code, so that you incentivize your audience to click. Every time a person buys a product through your personalized link, you get a percentage of the revenue generated .

Como monetizar tu cuenta de Instagram y ganar dinero2

Another widely used tactic in affiliate marketing are raffles in which users must comment and like a page , thus encouraging interactions.

Como monetizar tu cuenta de Instagram y ganar dinero1

To make it easier for you to create affiliate marketing campaigns on Instagram, you can use specialized tools such as InviteReferrals .


3) Sponsored post

Once you have achieved the status of “ influencer “Whether at a macro or niche level, you can leverage this influence to promote brands for a fee.

Brands often partner with influencers to publish sponsored posts that help them increase engagement. notoriety d e your products. Normally, these posts include an image of the product and a short review written by the influencer.

For these types of campaigns to work, it is important that the sponsored posts fit in with the rest of your content, both at the level in tone and aesthetics, and that they are correctly labeled as advertising content. It is also essential that the brand is aligned with the content and values ​​of the influencer. When the relationship is not genuine, users perceive it and it can end up generating rejection towards the influencer and the brand.Como-monetizar-crecer-y-ganar-dinero-con-Instagram-en-20210

4) Advertising on Instagram

There is more and more competition on Instagram and it is more difficult to differentiate and also monetize your own Instagram account , be it personal or business.

Sometimes, to make money, you have to invest money. Of course, intelligently and doing it well.

Instagram Ads are a great opportunity for brands and accounts that want to be known or generate conversions through this social network.

We should not be scared by the idea of ​​advertising, since there is no mandatory minimum budget . If you want, you can start with € 5 a day or € 3,000 a month. It will depend on your decision and your possibilities.

Campaigns can be stopped and modified at any time. Everything is designed so that the advertising platform Instagram and Facebook advertising gives opportunities to young and old. Digital advertising is not only for big brands!

Among the different advertising options that Instagram offers, the Stories format is especially recommended, since it is a type of content which is widely accepted by users.

Stories ads are displayed in the same vertical format as user ephemeral content. Although it is indicated that it is advertising content, they are integrated in a very natural way. Typically, a photo or video ad appears every 4-5 Stories accounts.

To take full advantage of this format, try to offer value to the user, take advantage of interactive possibilities and offer content online with aesthetics of your brand.

Here is a video of how to get followers on Instagram with Advertising in Stories. Instagram stories are one of the most viewed ad formats within the social network.

Sign up for this course to improve your Advertising strategy on Facebook and Instagram.

In addition, shortly a new location to put your ads may be that of the Reels. It is the content that is currently growing the most in traction on Instagram.

5) Teach what you know to position yourself and sell

Your Instagram followers are For one reason: they like your content and they are interested in what you can contribute to them. Why not take advantage of this influence to add more value to them through courses and training ?

You can teach something related to the main theme of your account, from styling tips to baking workshops , or you can take advantage of your knowledge of Instagram itself to offer marketing courses on social networks.


At Cyberclick, training is a very important part of our strategy. We offer many open webinars, but we also have more extensive paid courses for those who want to continue deepening their knowledge of digital marketing.

CURSO Como ser influencer y monetizar tu instagram

6) Make Instagram your store

In recent years , more and more options have appeared to make money with Instagram by selling products directly through this network. For this, we have two great options:

  • Shoppable Post . If you have an ecommerce, you can use this functionality to make a “shoppable post”, that is, a post that shows products that users can buy directly. Shoppable posts are identified by a white shopping bag icon in one corner. You can also add this functionality to your Stories.


  • Instagram Shop. This commerce functionality offers a new way to discover and buy products directly from the Instagram application. Instagram stores will allow you to see a selection of products from your favorite brands and creators, filter the results by categories such as beauty or home and much more.


If you sell products on Instagram, don’t forget that Instagram for companies allows you to put your contact information and turn your bio section into your professional “showcase”.

7) Instagram TV and Instagram Reels

Video has become the king of content, so Instagram has not hesitated to add it to its platform. In addition to offering possibilities to monetize your Instagram account, it is a very important resource to grow your presence organically.

This year, Instagram announced that it will allow creators to monetize their Instagram directly through Instagram TV , through ads on IGTV videos, badges that users can purchase during a live broadcast to support creators, and an extension of Brand Collabs Manager, Instagram’s influencer marketing platform.

On the other hand, the company has already announced plans to include both advertisements and purchase functionalities to Reels soon.

8) Sell your photos in image banks

If you want to earn money with Instagram in a direct way, you can upload part of your images that you have prepared for this network to an image bank and put a price on it.

You can use the portal pan> , which works under the concept of micro-stock.

It is not any kind of photography discipline, but the way your photographs are sold to third parties .


With the rise of the internet and digital companies, the need for images has grown exponentially and for this reason micro-stock portals emerged in the early 2000s.

It is a kind of low-cost image bank , where everything is based on the ability to take professional-type photographs and have patience to upload them to platforms such as Shutterstock and order them according to the needs of the portal.

You take the photo and they sell it. The fees are distributed in proportion and whoever benefits the most is the author.


There is no secret here, only constancy in taking quality photos and uploading them to micro-stock platforms . Normally, there is no exclusivity, so you can upload it to several portals.

One tip is to upload images from your Instagram that you know may be necessary for companies or agencies .

9) Influencer marketing platforms: where advertisers and influencers can find each other

Until a while ago you had to find yourself the life to get brands to want to make sponsored posts on your account, if you were just starting out.

It is true that the big influencers (+ 100,000 followers) are going to be sought, but the small ones (+ 5,000 followers) They have to move first.

You had to prepare a dossier of who you are, your profile, what type of target you have and in what niche you are specialized, data from your followers and from Analytics.

But now platforms have emerged that allow brands and influencers to meet. Here are several of them:

1 # Influenz. If you are an influencer and want to earn money with your Instagram account, you just have to register with Ifluenz or similar. It has no cost and they themselves propose a profit table, according to the number of followers you have. Ifluenz proposes that the benefits depend on the number of followers your account has (real).


2 # Coobis . Coobis is the most important influencer marketing platform of the moment. Not only because it meets the basic conditions for a good operation and performance of the campaigns. But because it is presented as one of the most complete software. De facto, it responds to the needs of two different target audiences, advertisers and publishers.


3 # SocialPubli . This is another of the influencer marketing platforms that puts companies in contact with influencers so that they transmit the brand’s message through different spaces. And among them, in addition to blogs, social networks play an important role: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Youtube or Snapchat. The strong point of the platform is that it not only works with influencers, but also with micro influencers. In case you are an influencer, all you have to do is register and create your profile. The platform itself will tell you to indicate what your interests and those of your audience are, so brands will know what type of community you have created.


4 # Fluvip . It is a Colombian company that has a large presence in LATAM and the US Hispanic market. It is dedicated to connecting brands with influencers in order to help both parties to monetize their actions on social networks. Therefore, the tool is ad-centric.

Como monetizar tu cuenta de Instagram0

10 # Sell your presets or default filters that you have created

Surely you are wondering: what is a preset? They are default effects, which are normally generated by Lightroom, and which help you improve the effects of your Instagram images. They are something like very good filters, designed by instagramers or photography professionals, that the owners put up for sale.

Two examples:


Lauren Bullen and Jack Morris are a couple with more than 2.6 million followers and they have turned it into a real business .

They impress you with their photos and then sell you their presets .

You can learn a lot from them, both to create spectacular photos, As ways to monetize an Instagram account

Como monetizar tu cuenta de Instagram1

@ Unviajede2

And these great Spanish travelers also sell really good presets .

Como monetizar tu cuenta de Instagram2


You have spectacular ideas to monetize and earn money with your Instagram account . Of course, you should remember that today it costs more effort and money than a few years ago. Although if you want to invest to win, the initial investment does not have to be very high and the results can multiply the profits you will have later.

Train yourself, learn, practice, make mistakes, always listen to your audience and what they want, don’t look for shortcuts by buying false followers or likes , adapt to the tastes of your audience, work very hard and become a true influencer, capable of making money with Instagram.

You are ready to grow your account and earn money with Instagram . Do you have any more tips to succeed in this network? Come and share it with us!

CURSO Como ser influencer y monetizar tu instagram

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