How to hide Stories on Facebook

How to hide Stories on Facebook

Facebook is the most famous and used social network in the world. A platform that allows subscribers to share and comment, in real time, with their friends, photos, videos, thoughts and links.

The developers of the social network then decided to also post the Stories on Facebook , already very famous and widely used on Instagram. These are contents composed of photos or short videos that have the particularity of remaining online for 24 hours , after this time they are then removed from the platform.

However, you may want to hide stories from your profile. If you want to know how to hide Stories on Facebook, continue reading, it is not a particularly complex procedure, just a few simple steps will be enough.

Hide Facebook Stories from smartphones

Do you want to hide all Facebook Stories or just some of your friends? You can do it from your smartphone. After opening the application, go to the Stories section at the top of the screen.

Find the Facebook Story you want to hide, press and hold it for a few seconds, wait for the options to appear.

If you are using an Android device, you will have to choose the item “ Hide the story”, while, if you are using an IOS operating system, you will have to click on “Disable Story”.

If you want to make a story available again you will have to click on the profile picture, then select the Story and then the Stories item that you have deactivated and reactivated.

Hide Facebook Stories from browsers

If you want to hide Facebook Stories from computer or from a browser, the procedure to follow is very similar. Log in and then go to the Stories section on the right side of the screen. Open the Story you want to hide and click on the three-dot icon that allows you to access the options menu.

Here you can click on the Turn off history item to hide it. Facebook asks for confirmation if you actually want to disable that user’s history. Remember that you will no longer be able to see his Story but you will continue to be friends.

If you change your mind, you can re-enable hidden stories by going to Settings> Stories . Find the list of hidden stories that you can restore by clicking on Reactivate Story.

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How to secretly view Facebook Stories

Once you’ve figured out how to hide Stories, you might find it useful to know how to sneak into them without letting your friends know.

The system to view Facebook Stories anonymously is very simple, no special skills are required. Try following our instructions.

Why view stories anonymously?

Before briefly explaining the procedure to follow, a reflection on why a user would want to view Facebook Stories anonymously is right.

There can be many reasons: a former partner or friends with whom you don’t have good relations and you don’t want to let people know that you are still following them.

In fact, when a contact’s Story is opened, the latter can see all the people who have viewed it, thanks to a list. How can you not appear in that list?

The procedure we are about to give you, allows you to use an effective Facebook trick and not very cumbersome that leads to the result.

Take your smartphone and start the official application from Android or iOS, log into your account and go to the Newsfeed, swipe from top to bottom in order to allow the application to update the contents of your friends.

This step is essential to have your friends’ latest Facebook Stories available. Now you need to activate airplane mode on your device so that you can disconnect from the internet.

It is this step that allows you to view Facebook Stories secretly. I could go through them all and be sure no one sees your name appear in the list of views.

By doing this procedure, the application downloads all the published stories that can be played in offline mode. Airplane mode prevents the application from communicating to the Facebook servers that a Story has been opened, so you can view it anonymously.

Airplane mode can be activated with just a few steps on your device. Usually, just swipe from the top to the bottom of the screen to display the screen with all the icons available to access the various features.

Among these there is also the airplane mode. So it is a very fast pass that with two movements allows you to activate the mode.

After viewing the Facebook stories secretly, you can, with a simple tap, deactivate airplane mode and allow your device to connect again to the internet and to the social network server.

You should know that there are also free online services that allow you to view Instagram stories anonymously and even Facebook ones, these are mostly websites where you just need to enter the username or profile name of the user to spy on and view the screen. Some services also include viewing posts published on social profiles, in this way, you can avoid accessing the profile of the user you want to spy on directly from Facebook.

In addition to the sites, on the various app stores, you can find various third-party applications that allow you to view Facebook and Instagram stories anonymously, all tested and effective solutions .

Obviously, if you prefer not to install any apps or do not want to use third-party sites full of advertising, we recommend that you follow this procedure that we have just described to you which remains the safest, fastest and most effective way to view Facebook stories anonymously .

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We’ve seen how to view Stories on Facebook without letting them know . The reasons that can push you to do this can be different. We remind you that it would be more correct not to engage in this type of behavior.

What are the solutions to see Facebook Stories secretly?

  • Activate airplane mode on your device
  • Websites with anonymous viewing service
  • Dedicated Third Party Applications

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