How to make money with Instagram, some winning ideas

Instagram is a social network with great potential, its many sales and promotion tools make it an effective tool in terms of income, but you need to know how to make the most of it.

There are many ways to make money with Instagram , some are more immediate than others, but all of them, with commitment and perseverance, can lead to good results.

You might be wondering why, with so many social networks available, just Instagram? The numbers of the last few years speak for themselves, with over a billion active users every month, Instagram is not only one of the most used social networks, but it is also the one that has grown faster than all the others.

To do better, currently, it is only TikTok that in a few months has obtained dizzying numbers, but we have decided to dwell on Instagram, because it is the one that offers more possibilities of gain.

Why is it important to have so many followers?

The first thing to do is understand what type of content you want to publish and identify the reference sector. It is essential to focus on quality and leave nothing to chance, working on every single content you intend to publish communicates to your followers all the passion you put into curating your profile.

One way to increase your followers is to be active, in addition to posting photos, you have to interact with your community and respond to comments. In addition, the hashtags used to describe the photos and to attract the attention of the public interested in a particular topic are very important.

Having a lot of followers is a big advantage in terms of earnings: why? An Instagram profile with thousands of followers and very active can arouse interest in brands and companies that may decide to pay to advertise products and services. Furthermore, having many followers means obtaining excellent visibility on the social network, which can lead to many diversified earning opportunities.

How to earn with sponsorships

The threshold of 5,000 followers is the one that allows you to start earning with Instagram through sponsorships. We must always continue to curate the community and keep it active , aiming for a continuous increase in followers. It is important not to appear as a user looking only for money, publishing only sponsored posts, but to continue curating the profile by posting photos and videos related to the theme of the same.

Furthermore, increasing your followers means increasing your visibility , becoming even more attractive for companies. What if companies don’t contact? In both cases, you can propose yourself by showing your profile, if the agreement goes through, to earn, just publish the photo of the product with the brand and add hashtags.

Leveraging Advertising Platforms

Another earning method that does not involve direct contact with the company is to take advantage of web advertising platforms . Some are made specifically to make money with Instagram, they carry out an analysis of followers and photos, then help to choose the company that might be of most interest to their influencers.

After choosing the one that best suits your target, you must follow the instructions of the advertising platform, if the request for collaboration is accepted, you will receive the information to take part in the advertising campaign using your profile. Obviously, you must always check how payments are made, who pays money, who sends gift cards and who sends products.

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Earn money by promoting other Instagram profiles

Can you earn by promoting other Instagram profiles ? Absolutely. With shoutouts we do not promote products or services but other profiles.

Also in this case you need to reach a good number of followers to start starting work collaborations. What does this form of work consist of? Mention their profile in the hashtags , this will bring them an increase in visibility on Instagram and at the same time, those who mention, receive money in exchange.

Shoutouts are usually temporary, so you have to agree with the profile to mention, the time during which the hashtag will be used. Obviously, the longer the sponsorship time or period, the higher the payout.

There are also platforms that allow you to work by doing shoutouts, but a minimum number of followers is often asked to participate, which can range from 5,000 to 10,000 followers.

Other ways to make money on Instagram

If your Instagram profile has a good following and followers are very active, you might as well think about using it to your advantage, perhaps by promoting DIY products.

There are many people who make small products and sell them using their social profiles, just think of those who create crochet works, or small furnishing objects of various materials or books and video courses.

Whatever product or service you want to sell, Instagram can be a great advertising showcase and an effective way to reach potential customers.

What to do to increase followers?

It is clear that the number of followers makes the difference for earning with Instagram , the first effective method is to try the Italian follower increase service which, in a short time, allows you to grow profile with thousands of active followers.

Also, follow these simple tips:

  • Take care of every detail of the profile
  • Publishing quality content
  • Keep your profile active by replying to comments
  • Be active on other profiles

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