How to optimize photos before uploading them to Instagram to be successful

Instagram is a social network that places the focus of communication on the image, therefore, the photos that are published must be of very high quality . This applies both to those who use the profile Instagram for pure pastime and to those who use Instagram as a work tool.

The quality image represents the necessary prerequisite for the published post to reach users and for it to be able to communicate the message it intends to communicate. And it also represents the necessary prerequisite for your Instagram account to be followed by as many followers as possible.

It doesn’t matter if the subject is a supermodel, a landscape or a slice of apple pie: the beautiful photo is almost completely independent of the subject.

Of course, the location is important: taking a photo with a bare wall and a sink as a background is very different than taking a photo with a sunset in the background. But it is not only the location, the pose and the context that make a photo of quality: the photo must know how to communicate, must have an excellent resolution and must be free from some often trivial defects (angle, light, etc.).

There are several steps to take to take a good quality photo but it is important to point out that photos can be optimized before being uploaded to Instagram. On the other hand, we are not all experienced photographers and not all of us have the opportunity to use professional cameras such as a Canon or a quality Sony. But some good image editing programs can help.

How to optimize the photo

So let’s see how optimize the photo before uploading it to Instagram.

The shot

To get the most out of your shots you need, first of all, to work well with your smartphone which can already, in the first instance, offer advanced functions that allow you to shoot by improving fundamental details.

With your smartphone you can, for example, adjust the exposure time to capture beautiful photos even in the dark.

It is very important to have a steady hand when shooting, if possible it is better to take the picture on a fixed support such as a tripod (maybe more than one, of different sizes) and a grid digital to be applied on the monitor to get the right shot on the phone.

The yield that you have with photos from your smartphone is not very high, however, often also due to the not very clean lens.

Photos taken with a professional camera are certainly better. If you have the ability to take pictures with a professional camera, you can upload the shot to your profile or by sending the high-resolution photo to your email and smartphone by uploading it to your account, or by uploading it directly from your desktop.


The way you load the image also affects the quality of the image. There are many and different programs used to upload photos to Instagram from PC or Mac , some programs are paid others are free.

A good program is Gramblr , a tool that offers the possibility to upload quality images and avoid the risk of grainy images. If you publish directly from the desktop it is also easy to upload the shots of a professional camera.

The changes

To improve images you can also take advantage of the advanced editor of the Instagram app which allows you to add filters and edit photos (allows you to straighten the photo, increase the light and contrast) but there are other ways. For example, you can edit your desktop images with a photo editing program like Photoshop.

You can add gradient effects and make major changes to the colors.

It is important to focus on small changes without exaggerating because it would risk distorting the photo and making it unreal, having the opposite effect.

The dimensions

When we talk about the size of an image, we are not just talking about measurement but above all about pixels.

The image resolution is in fact expressed in Pixels per inch (pixel / inch) or dpi . This is a number that expresses how many pixels are present in an inch (2.54 cm). The higher the number, the more defined the image will be. But specific rules must be respected.

If you take a quality photo with a professional camera it is still necessary to resize them as they would have too much weight for Instagram, to do so you can use special programs such as Lightroom or Photoshop which reduce the size of the image, while maintaining a high resolution.

Instagram images are square, but when you upload a shot you can decide whether to post photos in its original aspect ratio . It is therefore also possible to load rectangular images.

To resize a larger photo, it must be considered that the ideal Instagram image format is 1080 x 1080 pixels (shown on a 640 x 640 pixel display). The ratio is 1: 1.

For stories, the ideal size is 750 x 1334 pixels. For videos you can choose a solution of 600 x 336.5 pixels with 16: 9 ratio.

Best apps to optimize photos on Instagram

There are many apps for Instagram that allow you to optimize photos. Those who use iPhone, iPad, tablets and other smartphones can, for example, orient themselves on editor programs like Photo Studio : powerful application able to improve shots on Apple and Android devices. Then there is Black – B&W Film Emulator, suitable for black and white enthusiasts.

Those who want a more advanced program can opt for Enlight, known to be one of the best photography applications. And again Canva , which has ready-made templates, with the exact dimensions for uploading.


To be successful on Instagram, it is essential to post quality photos . To be of quality, the images must be optimized. They must have the right resolution, the right size, and can be edited with specific programs and applications.

With the right and properly optimized images, the post will reach the user and communicate the message you intend to convey. A beautiful picture is worth a thousand words.

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