How to rank organically on Pinterest

How to rank organically on Pinterest

Pinterest is a social network in which, unlike others like Instagram, you don’t follow people or brands, but rather themes. It is designed to share, above all, photographs and images that are of interest to us. All this content is organized in boards and is what allows it to be located by theme. Currently this social network has more than 400 million monthly active users, which makes us consider including advertising on Pinterest in marketing campaigns.

If you do not know this social network too much or do not know how to marketing on Pinterest , we explain below everything you should take into account.

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Advantages of Pinterest for companies

If you must include Pinterest in your marketing strategies, it is by the number of monthly active users, almost 450 million. This means that those companies that manage to position themselves very well on this social network will have a great reach.

One of the main advantages of Pinterest for companies is that allows you to sort posts by boards , which would commonly be a folder. This allows companies that offer different types of product or service to have their publications classified so that users focus their attention on those that really interest them.

Another advantage of Pinterest is that the user accesses the web the image is linked to if you click it. This means that if the content is attractive and users are interested in it, organic traffic will increase to the company’s or brand’s website .

In addition to this, we must emphasize that most users use Pinterest to seek inspiration, so through the most searched you can discover what are the trends of the moment to guide a campaign of marketing in that direction.

Key SEO concepts on Pinterest

In order to be successful in a social network such as Pinterest and to enjoy its advantages it is important that we apply SEO. On Pinterest it is as important to position yourself as it is on Google , so it will be necessary to take into account what the target audience is looking for and what it is that interests them the most.

The keys to do SEO on Pinterest are:

  • Try to make the covers attractive: the covers is the showcase of the profile, so it is It is important that they attract attention, are cared for as much as possible and are attractive.
  • Take maximum care of the call to action of the content: use short phrases or texts That they attract the attention of the user quickly is key to attracting the attention of the public.
  • Use keywords: both in the description of the profile and in the content must have keywords. It is the way that this social network will have to detect what type of content it is to offer it to users who may be interested. It is also the way users will find it.
  • Put hashtags: They are an essential tool, since users browse Pinterest through they. To get a position, the ideal is that some of these hashtags are important keywords.
  • Use the boards: Pinterest allows you to classify content in boards, a kind of folders that must be optimized with titles and descriptions. It is very important that keywords are also used here and that each board has content related to a single topic.
  • Join the collaborative boards: the boards Collaborative are those managed by more than one person. Ideally, join those who are related to the company’s product or service, as well as the image you want to convey.
  • Link the content to the web: one of the strongest advantages of Pinterest is that the user can reach the company’s or brand’s website simply by clicking on the image. This means that the content must always be linked to the web to generate traffic and get leads and customers.


The SEO on Pinterest It does not differ too much from what would be done on other social networks or on a website, since it is based, above all, on taking care of the content and using tools that are already present on other platforms, such as hashtags or covers. In fact, you should think of Pinterest as a search engine, so in the end it works the same as Google or others like it.

Positioning yourself on Pinterest step by step

To position on Pinterest, it is not enough to upload content, you need to do everything that we have commented in the previous point and publish regularly to gain visibility. To make it much easier for you, we are going to explain how to do it step by step.

Verify your account and get a company profile

One of the first steps to improving SEO on Pinterest is verifying the account and converting it into a business account . When this step is done, the next step is to verify the domain so that Pinterest knows it is authentic.

To verify the domain, an HTML tag must be added to the source code of the web page so that Pinterest knows with complete certainty that the owner of the account and the owner of the web are the same person. Of course, it must be taken into account that each hosting has its instructions to access the source code.


Optimize your boards

Boards are a key element, since they allow you to group content by theme. The objective is to gain visibility against other competitors, so the most relevant keyword must always appear on these boards and for which you want to position. So when choosing the name of the board you have to take into account the type of content that will go inside and the main keyword .

There is no written law on how to use the boards, so you can create both specific and more general ones. The important thing is that it is clear what is inside that board through a good title. In addition, it is important that new content is added regularly to each of the boards.


Think carefully your titles and your descriptions

On Pinterest, titles and descriptions are very important elements. As we have said in the previous point, board titles are an essential part of get positioned.

In the same way, the description of the profile should be taken care of as much as possible, where in a very summarized way the company must be described and include the keyword with which the users they should be able to find it.

Also titles and content descriptions should include keywords, but always in a coherent and logical way. That is, it is not about making meaningless sentences to introduce as many keywords as possible, but about creating a meaningful description and title in which as many keywords as possible are included.

Creating rich pins

Pinterest highly values ​​the originality, popularity and amount of interaction that a pin or post receives. This means making pins with images Being attractive, original and interesting to the public will make users share them, something that Pinterest values ​​very much.

To create rich pins, which are posts that have additional information in addition to an image, it is important to get the user’s attention. Pinterest is a very visual platform, so it is the image that will make the user click on it to read more. The text that is included in this image must be the most relevant and the one that manages to arouse the interest of the user, since it is about getting them to click on it to learn more.

Also, you have to Note that to stand out on Pinterest it is important to stay active in all aspects and share popular content and interact with followers. That is, it is not enough to create rich pins, you also have to interact with users and their content.

Improve the interaction of your pins

The pins The most popular are the first that users will see, so you always have to try to make your own among them. To gain popularity you have to follow other users and interact with them : share your pins, leave comments … You can also gain popularity by collaborating on group boards , even clicking on other pins.

The idea is that Pinterest detects constant activity on the profile, in addition to regular posts. This is how you gain popularity and is the way to get posts to appear in the top positions.

As you can see, Pinterest is a very attractive social network for advertising. In addition, one of its advantages is that it is not like Instagram or Facebook, that publications are lost over time. On Pinterest they are stored in their respective boards and will always be visible, even to new users. This means that if a content is interesting, it will be able to receive feedback until months or years later after its publication, which makes the idea of ​​launching advertising on Pinterest very attractive.

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