How to repost on Instagram

You started using Instagram recently and while you were looking at the feed you saw a photo or video posted by a person’s profile, you noticed the absence of the post’s share icon, to understand, the famous “Share” button that we find on Facebook.

You must know that Instagram does not allow sharing of posts published by other people , surely, being used to Facebook and other social networks that allow the operation, it will seem strange not to have this possibility.

The sharing function is what made most social networks famous, but the creators of Instagram have deliberately decided not to integrate it on the platform to encourage the creation and distribution of always new and original content.

Although there is no native function and going against Instagram’s guidelines and conditions of use, you should know that it is possible to overcome this limit, using the Repost offered by some specially developed applications.

To overcome the limits on re-sharing content on Instagram , you need to install third-party applications that allow you to take the original content seen on the feed and share it on your profile.

Before proceeding with the reading, we remind you that using these applications means violating the rules on the conditions of use of the social network, so in case of checks, you may have a temporary ban or the permanent closure of the account, for this reason, be very careful what you decide to publish.

Major problems can arise from sharing content that is protected by copyright, these attract more attention and could push Instagram to take serious action on your account.

The Instagram repost applications are available for free on the Android app stores and iOS, very easy to install and use, there are dozens of them but the most famous are certainly two: Repost for Instagram and InstaRepost For Instagram , the latter only available for iOS.

Repost for Instagram

Repost for Instagram is an application available for both Android and iOS devices , it is free and is one of the most used to repost content on the famous social network .

Its strong point is the graphics, simple and clean, which makes it an easy-to-use app , it only takes a few steps to share the content.

After downloading it, the application immediately shows how it works, just copy the URL of the post you want to publish on our profile, be it a photo or a video.

After having identified the type of content On Instagram , just tap on the three dots and then on Copy Link in the menu that you opens.

After copying the link, open the Repost For Instagram application, the link previously copied on Instagram will automatically appear, click on the preview you see of the post that opens in the new window, below you can decide where to place the label with the username of the original profile that shared the post.

Finally, to complete the procedure, simply click on “Repost”, the shared content will appear on the profile just like it happens on Facebook and Twitter.

The app is free , but if you want to remove all advertising, you can do so by upgrading for a fee of € 5.99.

InstaRepost for Instagram

This application is dedicated solely to owners of iOS devices who want to repost the contents of another user’s Instagram profile.

The operation of this application is very similar to that of the previous app, also in this case you have to open Instagram, choose the content you want to repost and then tap on the three dots, copying the URL, by choosing “Copy link”.

After copying the URL, opening the InstaRepost for Instagram app , the copied content should already be available, click on it to preview the post and decide where to put the label with the name of the original profile who published the post, then click on the button at the bottom right.

This application is also completely free, but if you want to purchase the application, you can do so at a cost of € 5.49, this allows you to completely remove advertising and use the app freely.


Another interesting function to be obtained through applications is that of downloading videos posted on Instagram, both on the profile and in the Stories.

Also in this case you have to rely on third-party applications, by following some steps it will be possible to download the videos quickly on your device, also in this case we point out some apps.


For Android we recommend the Fast Save app , available for free on the store, after installing it, you have to tap on Open Instagram , which opens Instagram with the logged in profile where you can search for the video you want to download.

After finding it, tap on the three dots and choose “ Copy link “, then return to the Fast Save app to paste the URL and download the content.

Download the videos of the Instagram Stories

To download the video from Stories , you can use another famous and free app called Story Saver, after launching it, you have to log in with the data you use for Instagram, inside you will see all the content posted by users and you can download.

Clicking on the user displays the Stories in the form of videos that can be downloaded by tapping, also choosing whether to share or repost the content on Instagram.


Finally, for iOS devices there is InstDown, this application also downloads videos from Instagram to your device. Just go to Instagram, tap on the three dots at the top right and then copy the link. Once this is done, just go to the InstDown screen and paste the link in the corresponding field of the Put Your Link item, finally, press the upside down arrow to complete the download of the content.

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