How to use Facebook Ads in your inbound marketing plan?

How to use Facebook Ads in your inbound marketing plan?

Inbound marketing is a methodology that is based on attracting users to our brand in an organic way. This means that it prioritizes capture through channels such as organic traffic to our website, but payment strategies, such as Facebook Ads , can have a place within inbound.

Facebook Ads is an attraction channel that can help us multiply the reach of our brand and reach the right people at the perfect time. If we use them well, they can help us to boost our brand while we continue to offer value to our potential customers and avoid being intrusive. Let’s see why and how to use Facebook Ads in your inbound campaigns.

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Como usar Facebook Ads en tu plan de inbound marketing

Why should you use Facebook Ads in your inbound marketing plan?

In the beginning , the idea of ​​inbound marketing was based on positioning valuable content that the customer reached by himself, and then orienting him towards a landing page and working on the lead until he reached the purchase and subsequent recommendation. It is an ideal methodology for long purchasing processes , both B2B and B2C.

But sometimes, when we are starting out, creating an organic presence takes time and we need to start generate sales quickly . In this circumstance, we may be interested in using payment channels such as Facebook Ads to start our strategy. Later, when we already have a larger audience and a more powerful positioning, we can gradually substitute paid channels for the organic dissemination of content.

Another advantage of Facebook Ads is that it allows us easily multiply the reach of our brand , since it is a social network with more than 2.5 billion active users and that covers all types of locations and demographic characteristics.

And Finally, even when you already have an established inbound marketing strategy, Facebook Ads is an option that may interest you due to its great segmentation possibilities . There are four different options to create an audience to suit you, and in turn, each of them allows you to fine-tune based on a large number of characteristics and interests:





How to use Facebook Ads in inbound marketing?

In inbound marketing we talk about funnel or conversion funnel to describe the different phases a consumer goes through from hearing about us for the first time until they become a customer. We normally divide these phases into:

  • TOFU phase (top of the funnel): the consumer has just discovered that they have a need, but they still do not know our brand. At this stage, we will focus on awareness and discovery campaigns.

  • MOFU phase (middle of the funnel) : the consumer is in a moment of consideration, he already knows our brand but is also evaluating options from the competition. At this time we seek to help the potential client to learn more about different areas and topics, demonstrate our experience and solve possible doubts. We try to take him to some kind of action (for example, fill in a form) to start our relationship with him.

  • BOFU phase (bottom of the funnel): the consumer is about to make the purchase decision. In this phase we will create Facebook Ads campaigns aimed at sales and conversion.

embudo conversion de venta

Facebook Ads fits very well within this funnel model , since it allows us to launch advertising campaigns with different objectives. These objectives are divided into three broad categories: recognition (which would correspond to the TOFU phase), consideration (MOFU phase) and conversion (BOFU phase). Let’s see them in more detail.

Recognition objectives (TOFU phase)

Recognition objectives focus on generating interest in your product or service and increase brand recognition . The idea is to focus the communication on the value that the brand can offer to your target audience.

Within the recognition objectives of Facebook Ads, we have:

  • Brand recognition : to increase the recognition of your company, brand or service.

  • Reach : to show your ad to the maximum possible number of members of your target audience.

Consideration objectives (MOFU phase)

The Facebook Ads consideration objectives are aimed at making potential customers take your company into account as a purchase option and look for more information about it . In turn, they are divided into:

  • Traffic : to direct to people from Facebook to the URL of your choice, for example a landing page within your website.

  • Interaction : to reach the people most likely to interact with your post, for example by reacting to it, commenting on it, or sharing it.

  • App downloads : to incentivize your app downloads.

  • Video views : to get your brand’s videos to the people most likely to see them.

  • Lead generation : to collect information about people potentially interested in your brand and convert them into leads. You can get their contact details directly from Facebook Ads, without having to make them visit your page.

  • Messages : to connect with new people on Facebook and communicate with your current and potential customers.

Conversion goals (BOFU phase)

Facebook Ads conversion goals are designed to encourage people interested in your business to buy your products or hire your services . They include three different types:

  • Conversions : to encourage people to perform specific actions on your company website, such as adding items to a cart, downloading your app, registering on the site, or making a purchase.

  • Catalog sales : these ads show products from your ecommerce catalog to generate sales.

  • Traffic in the business : to encourage visits to your physical establishments among people who are close to them.

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