Increase Instagram followers, 10 effective tips to get more followers

Instagram is not just a social network on which to share photos and videos, but a real tool to increase the online visibility of your company or brand.

Having a high number of followers does not automatically mean achieving success, but it is certainly a good basis from which to start and then implement effective marketing strategies. For this reason, we will see how to increase Instagram followers through 10 useful and simple tips.

1. Create your own style

To quickly grow on Instagram in a short time, you need to design the brand, company or personal idea you want to implement. The profile must have a clear and easily recognizable identity, you need to make a difference from your competitors and deal with specific issues, you need to create a niche audience.

When posting photos and videos, remember to use a style that is always consistent , perhaps, for example, using the same filters, always maintaining the same level of contrast, brightness, ect …

2. Define goals and measure results

To follow a growth strategy, you need to outline the objectives to be achieved. What to get? Increase Instagram followers to sell products and services? Possibility of sponsorships on the page? Starting collaborations as an influencer?

Whatever the goal to be achieved, it is necessary to adapt all activities to achieve it. After doing that, the next step is to track the results that can be, the monthly sales of a product, the conversion rates. Using Instagram insights allows you to always have a clear picture of the performance of the profile and user behavior.

3. Take care of the Instagram profile

If you decide to use Instagram to do business you need to look professional, so you need to think about the best way to curate your profile page. You have to publish quality content and pay attention to the part relating to the name and bio.

The name is the title of the page, so if we are talking about a company brand, it could be the name of the company; if it is a personal brand, also your name and surname or the name for which you want to be recognized.

The biography represents the descriptive text of the profile and is the one that must arouse the attention of potential followers. It may contain a series of terms that describe the industry or a quote or short phrases related to the business.

Finally, an e-mail must also be inserted in the bio so that you can possibly be contacted. Also, if you have a website, you can insert the url in the biography.

4. Insert quality content

Content is very important especially on the web and on platforms like Instagram, you must always aim for quality , therefore, low-resolution or blurry photos should be avoided.

In addition, you need to take advantage of Instagram Stories, which allow you to show content for 24 hours and take advantage of some tools to stimulate dialogue and interaction with followers, such as polls and questions.

5. Publish regularly

The posting frequency is important to increase the visibility of your account. On Instagram the maximum interaction time is 3 hours , in which it is easier to get comments and links and any new followers. For this reason, it would be ideal to publish new content at least every 3 hours.

Obviously, you also need to take into account the reactions of your audience to the chosen publication times, if you post photos and videos every 3 hours and you notice few reactions, better try a different frequency. However, no less than 3 pieces of content should be posted per day. As for the times, if the audience is Italian, the afternoon hours are the best, from 3pm onwards, while for the days, the best would be Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

It’s always best to test your profile to figure out what the most effective strategy to implement is. If you have a lot of international followers, then any time is potentially good.

6. Use the right hashtags

The hashtags are used to categorize the content posted on Instagram, they are a fundamental tool to get new followers and be followed.

To find content on a particular topic, users will search through hashtags, so you need to enter the most appropriate ones that bring to the profile only users who are really interested in the topic and who are more likely to become new followers . Up to 30 hashtags can be used for images and videos. If you don’t know which ones to use, try searching for the best hashtags for your niche.

7. Tag industry influencer accounts

Another way to get lots of followers on Instagram is to increase visibility is to mention or tag profiles of industry influencers. It is not excluded that these pages interact with posts, prompting the Instagram algorithm to highlight the content on the Esplora, page where there are millions of potential new followers who may decide to follow the profile.

8. Starting new collaborations

Making deals with other Instagram accounts and creating partnerships is one of the best tactics to grow your business.

How does it work? An account publishes content, partner channels put a like, a comment and a mention, this strategy allows you to increase followers and create a targeted audience.

9. Promote the profile

It is also important to take advantage of other social channels to promote the Instagram profile , in particular, you can take advantage of Facebook and create a targeted and organized strategy to be carried out on both social networks with the aim of reaching new potential customers.

10. Interact with followers

If having many followers is important, in the same way, it is to keep the levels of engagement very high, that is, the engagement rate with users and therefore, the percentage of people who will take actions on published content.

To achieve this you need to interact with them, create relationships, respond to comments, questions that are asked, moreover, it is also very useful to visit their profiles and do similar actions, this will help strengthen the profile / follower link .

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