Increase Instagram followers with these simple tricks

We all know Instagram and each of us, more or less, has its own followers. But the number of followers can increase with a few simple strategies that we will discover below.

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The profile

The Instagram profile says who we are, so it’s best to make the most of it, both in terms of profile picture and biography.

It’s easy to fall into gross errors like a bad photo or a rough and ineffective description. Let’s see how to optimize everything.

1. Choose your Instagram profile picture carefully

The first thing you notice about the profile is undoubtedly the photo. The image you choose for your account is very important. The image size of the Instagram profile is small, therefore, it is advisable to choose a well-defined shot that best represents us.

Generally the first floor is a winner, preferably smiling. But a particular expression can also work, as long as you are photogenic.

2. Making the most of the biography

The biography tells who you are . Instagram offers very few characters and it is therefore necessary to exploit the skills of synthesis to summarize in a few words who you are, what you do and what you like.

It’s not difficult: our language offers many terms that can well represent passions, characters and characteristics. Instagram also offers the possibility to insert the hashtag and link to your profile in the biography. You need to choose the hashtag that best represents us and to link your profile just insert the @ before the profile name.

Focus on the quality of Instagram posts

The quality of the posts is fundamental as they tell about us: what we do, what we think, what we like. It is important, in order to have quality posts, to follow the rules, let’s see them.

1. Take great photos and avoid home selfies

Instagram is a social network that is based on the image, so the photos must be of very high quality. Avoid painful selfies in the rooms of the house that show slippers and clothes in the foreground. iron in the corner, or, photos taken hastily without paying attention to detail.

The published photos must be edited by a good program to further improve them and eventually apply filters to make them even more attractive.

2. Create a common thread between the images

In the publication of the images try to keep a common thread: it can be travel, it can be times of the day or even something else but the important thing is that the images are in order, that they are connected to each other. Having an orderly profile, especially in terms of story telling , helps to interest those who read your profile for the first time.

3. Use popular hashtags

You can increase followers on Instagram by inserting very popular hashtags (obviously always relevant to the image). On Top Hashtag, you can see which are the most popular hashtags.

4. Pick a few topics and focus on those

targeting is a very important aspect, a successful profile is based on the choice of a specific topic: sports, travel, cooking, fashion, no matter what it is, as long as you don’t create a profile with a “soup” of badly treated topics.

5. The caption in the images

The title of a book is important, as is the title of a work of art. Now the post on Instagram is certainly not a work of art, but creating the right caption is a way to establish a connection with users.

The caption in the photos should always contain a “ Call to action”, that is an invitation to users to take an action that can be answering a question tag a friend or something else.

6. Also write in English

This is also a technique that allows you to increase Instagram followers especially if you intend to target an international audience.

7. Update your followers with interesting news

It is good to keep your followers up to date by posting news about your status, but always without exaggerating.

In principle, updates must be interesting otherwise they would risk boring the follower.

8. Publish at the right times

Posting at certain times, usually after 5pm , helps to increase visibility. Furthermore, it has been statistically proven that posting every 3 hours significantly increases the organic reach of every single post.

9. The importance of Stories

The introduction of Stories on Instagram was a real turning point as the stories represent a privileged communication channel, which allows you to interact with followers in a more spontaneous and personal way.

When you log in to Instagram, the 5 stories in the foreground appear at the top. It is important, if you intend to increase your followers, to reach that position in such a way as to capture the attention of your followers.

10. Interest in other followers

Interacting with other users is very important especially if you are looking for new followers. By interaction we mean both commenting on the posts of others, and inviting others to read ours through the tag. Let’s see in detail how.

Interact with other users

Interacting with other users with “likes” and comments is a way to stay on top of the wave. Obviously, liking a post that already has so many will be of little use. What is important is to get noticed but in a positive way, so with targeted, intelligent and ironic comments when needed.

Tag accounts in photos

A trick to increase followers on Instagram is to tag some profiles (just a few and not too many). The tagged profiles must be relevant and not taken so haphazardly.

The tag must be targeted and interesting for the recipient, otherwise, it could be counterproductive. If you take a nice photo while you are intent on skiing on the snow you can, for example, tag some profiles who love skiing, mountains, snow.

In conclusion

A careful choice for the profile photo and a description that represents us well, the quality of the images accompanied by a captivating description and popular hashtags , the common thread among the posts, a constancy in publishing posts and commenting on the posts of others are the fundamental elements to have a winning Instagram profile and to increase followers.

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