Segmentation and remarketing in social networks: how to do it successfully?

Segmentation and remarketing in social networks: how to do it successfully?

Social media advertising offers many tools to easily create our ads. Within them, we have endless segmentation options to reach exactly the audience we are looking for … so many that it can sometimes be difficult to know which one is the best for us to achieve our objectives.

Therefore, today we are going to see which social ads segmentation options are best for us within an inbound strategy or a general digital marketing strategy and how to configure the segmentation of our ads in the main social networks.

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Segmentacion y remarketing en redes sociales como hacerlo con exito

Remarketing in social ads and inbound marketing

Advertising in social networks can play a very prominent role within an inbound strategy.

Normally, we think of inbound as a method ology that is based on attracting users organically, instead of “fetching” them with advertising. But when we want to start a campaign, advertising on social networks can help us to achieve quick results and gradually generate an audience for our channels that we can take advantage of organically later.

Ads on social networks can serve as support for the different phases of the conversion funnel :

  • BOFU or discovery phase : in this phase we can test a segmentation of social ads based on interests, which help us locate users who are aligned with our brand and make ourselves known.

  • MOFU or consideration phase: at this time, the user has already discovered us and is considering different options, including our brand. It is a good time to do remarketing campaigns and offer more in-depth content, for example, a webinar.

  • TOFU phase: the closest to the purchase . We can use the remarketing options of advertising on social networks to launch direct sales campaigns, placing emphasis on prices and seeking that users go directly to the landing to finalize the registration.

Segmentation in social ads: Facebook and Instagram

Facebook and Instagram share the same advertising platform in social networks, so we are going to discuss them together. We have four main options for creating audiences: custom audience, lookalike audience, saved audience, and special ad audience.

In this tutorial you will learn how to segment on Facebook & Instagram Ads in an intelligent way.

Personalized audiences

Personalized audiences or custom audiences seek to re-impact on users and are made from different own and Facebook sources :

  • Website: visits to your website or any of its specific pages, collected from the Facebook pixel. You can apply different periods of data collection, for example 30 or 60 days.

  • Activity in the application: users who have interacted with your app.

  • Customer list: this option allows you to upload information from your own database to Facebook. data to target your ads.

  • Offline activity: to collect users from offline interactions.

  • Video: reproductions of a video that we have uploaded to Facebook. This type of audience is very interesting to do remarketing, knowing that the audience already knows us and has shown interest in our messages.

  • Lead form: to build audiences from a previous Facebook campaign.
  • Instant experience: users who have interacted with your instant experiences.

  • Shopping: very interesting for brands that have an ecommerce. We install a pixel to track different types of events and see in which step of the process a customer is staying, and then we do remarketing to remind them of the products that have interested them.

  • Instagram account: users who follow or interact with our Instagram account.

  • Events: interactions with the events that we have published.

  • Facebook page: users who follow or interact with our Facebook page.

  • Facebook posts: users who have interacted with one of your specific Facebook posts.

Facebook-Ads-Audiencia-personalizada Segmentacion y remarketing en redes sociales como hacerlo con exito

Similar audiences

Similar audiences help you reach Audiences related to your original audience and who don’t know you yet , so that you can make your brand known to potential users mind interested in her. You can create them from your own custom audiences and choose one or more locations (city, region or country).

To create a lookalike audience, the first thing you need to do is choose an origin. Then, you will have to indicate the size of the audience, from the 1% of users most similar to your original audience to 10%.

As you expand the size of the audience you will be able to reach more people, but less and less the original parameters will be fulfilled. Therefore, we recommend not to exceed 5%. You can also try creating multiple audiences with different sizes, for example 1%, 3%, and 5%.

Facebook-Ads-Audiencia-Similar Segmentacion y remarketing en redes sociales como hacerlo con exito

Saved audiences

Saved audiences allow you to save the targeting options you use regularly so that they can be easily reused . You can choose demographic, interest and behavior data and save it for later use with new ads.

The saved audience is chosen within the ad group. You can mix existing audiences with demographics to further fine-tune your targeting. You can also select exclusion criteria, for example, to exclude users who are already on your customer list and thus not continue to send them advertising about a product they have already purchased.

Facebook-Ads-Audiencia-guardada Segmentacion y remarketing en redes sociales como hacerlo con exito

Audience of special announcements

These types of audiences are used in very specific sectors and have certain additional limitations, for example, political campaigns , social, NGO or financial services. Therefore, they have certain limitations depending on the ad and the sector.

This option exists because Facebook limits certain options depending on the theme of the ads, for example, if your ad deals with banking issues, not you can use lookalike audiences. Segmentation may be reduced and you may not be able to use some parameters to comply with all Facebook policies.

Facebook-Ads-Audiencia-anuncio-especial Segmentacion y remarketing en redes sociales como hacerlo con exito

Segmentation in social ads: Twitter

Many of the strategies and options that we have discussed for Facebook are common on other platforms.

In the case of Twitter Ads, we start with the selection of objectives . For inbound marketing campaigns, usually the one that will interest us the most will be the clicks on the website. Keep in mind that Twitter does not have conversion goals or generation of potential customers, so we will have to adapt our segmentation strategies in social ads. If you have an app, the download and interaction goals can also be very interesting.

Twitter-objetivos-de-campana Segmentacion y remarketing en redes sociales como hacerlo con exito

The targeting works quite similar to Facebook. These are the most interesting segmentation options:

  • Segmentation by custom audience , uploading your own lists for remarketing or installing a pixel that tracks visits to your entire website or to a specific page.

  • Targeting by demographic data : age, gender, location, language … Regarding language, we often recommend leaving it blank, as it may cause you to eliminate, for example, to Spanish users who live in Spain but have the social network configured in English.

  • Segmentation by devices . It must be taken into account in campaigns aimed at promoting applications, for example, if your app is only available for iOS or Android. You can also segment by specific models.

  • Segmentation by interests. Here we can use very interesting options that are not on Facebook, such as keywords or segmentation by users similar to the followers of an account. For example, you can include users similar to the followers of your competitors’ accounts. You can also include interests related to current affairs movies, programs or series, to take advantage of the conversation that takes place on this network about news news.

Twitter-audiencias Segmentacion y remarketing en redes sociales como hacerlo con exito

Segmentation in social ads: LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the professional network par excellence, so if you work in the B2B sector, it is a very good idea to do your campaigns here of advertising on social networks.

Compared to other more dynamic or more leisure-based networks, the costs per click and conversion of LinkedIn Ads are more expensive. In return, it is a very qualitative network, with highly elaborated professional profiles . This allows you to carry out more careful and higher quality campaigns and convert the clicks generated into sales.

As in the rest of social networks, the first thing you have to do to segment is to install a pixel to collect all the data from your website. Thus, you can impact users who have visited a specific landing and offer them more content of interest. This helps you with lead nurturing to be able to bring them closer to the purchase decision and encourage them to communicate directly with your company.

To obtain the pixel, go to your campaign manager and go to the account from where you want to launch the campaign. Go to the “Account Resources” menu and click on “Insight Tag.” LinkedIn will give you a code that you will have to copy and paste on all the pages of your website.

When creating your LinkedIn ad campaign, you can segment from scratch based on data from the platform or upload your own custom audiences. In the “Matched audiences” section, you can click on “Create audience” and you will see the types of audience you can create, for example, by uploading lists of companies or contacts, using your website as a source or creating a similar audience from a personalized audience.

Linkedin-Ads-Matched-Audiences Segmentacion y remarketing en redes sociales como hacerlo con exito

As in Facebook, we have the option of segmenting the users who have seen a specific video and we can choose the minimum percentage of video that they have viewed. If you focus your audience on the people who have seen your video to the end or almost, you will be targeting users who have already shown their interest in your brand and your messages.

When you have already created custom audiences or similar, you can include them in the “ Resegmentation ” section. You also have an option to create an audience from scratch , with people who do not know you yet but who fit very well with the profile of clients you are looking for by data such as company, position, work experience or the interests. In this section, LinkedIn offers many detailed segmentation options at a professional level, which makes it a very interesting remarketing option in social ads despite its higher costs.

Linkedin-Ads-Targeting Segmentacion y remarketing en redes sociales como hacerlo con exito

Segmentation in social ads: Tik Tok

Today, Tik Tok offers a limited selection of targets , although it is very likely that they will be expanded in the future. The ones that interest us most for inbound marketing are traffic, conversions and lead generation.

To start segmenting our Tik Tok Ads, we will install the Tik Tok pixel in our application or website. You can create more than one pixel and you can install them directly with code or through third-party tools, such as Google’s Tag Manager.

To create audiences, we have to go to the library and select “Public”. We have the option of creating a custom audience or similar.

Segmentacion y remarketing en redes sociales como hacerlo con exito0

You can create a custom audience by uploading your database, from the users who interact with your publications and your ads or from the data collected by the pixel.

Keep in mind that there is a limitation when importing audiences from your database, since Tik Tok will ask us for the mobile code of acceptance of advertising. If you collect the data directly from your mobile application, this code is usually saved, so you could use this audience freely.

When you have created your custom audiences, you can use the remarketing option to reach your potential audience , who already knows you. You can also use the new audiences option to reach similar audiences that you have created or directly segment by demographics and interest and behavior.

Segmentacion y remarketing en redes sociales como hacerlo con exito1

In short, as in other networks, you have three types of audiences to be able to segment: personalized, similar and created from scratch from the data of the social network itself. You can play to combine all these possibilities with each other or even try strategies with different audiences for different ad groups.

Segmentacion y remarketing en redes sociales como hacerlo con exito2

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