Social Listening: what it is and tools to apply it

Social Listening: what it is and tools to apply it

Social networks have become one of the most effective communication channels between companies and the audience. In addition, it has also become a valuable source of information, since through social networks you can find out what the public thinks about the brand or its products or services. It is precisely here where you should practice Social Listening .

We explain what Social Listening is and how you can apply it in your digital marketing strategies.

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Social Listening que es y herramientas para aplicarlo

What is Social Listening or social listening?

Social Listening or social listening consists of tracking or tracking the times they have mentioned your brand, product or service on social networks . Once these mentions are located, the information must be analyzed to know the opinions, criticisms and other data that the audience has about the brand, product or service and act accordingly.

You can do a Social Listening in just two steps:

  • Search the brand name on social networks , of the product or service through hashtags, keywords, tags …

  • Take the mentions and analyze the information that is in it.

The important thing here is not the number of times the brand, product or service has been mentioned, but the comment or the information that accompanies that mention. In this way you can find out what people think about the brand, even about competitors. It is a way of discovering if you are going in the right direction or if you need to change your strategy.

There is no doubt that having access to these types of comments gives very valuable information to the company, since in social networks people express themselves freely and without filters, so you can know the most authentic truth. Knowing this, it is much easier to make improvements to increase sales or even improve the brand image.

You can also take advantage of this search for mentions to respond to users, both those who have left a positive comment as to those who have left a negative one, to give a much closer and more committed image.

Advantages of Social Listening

Social Listening, Also known as social listening, it has numerous advantages for a brand.

It allows interaction with users

Users can mention the brand both to make a comment positive as negative, so can take advantage of this search to give an answer to all or, if there are many, to the most prominent . Those who have said something positive about the brand or a product or service of this, can be thanked, as for those who have given a negative opinion an apology should be given, as well as assuring that it is being tried solve that problem or improve.

Social Listening also allows you to detect if any of the actions have annoyed the audience. In this case it is best to publicly apologize, even remove the ad, the product or what you have not liked on a large scale. This will give a brand image committed to the audience.

Have totally reliable opinions

Social listening serves to know in a totally reliable way what the audience thinks about the brand and what it offers. It is not necessary to make conjectures or assumptions, since through comments you can get the most honest opinion of the public. This can be used to improve in many aspects.

Through these opinions you can identify the weaknesses of the brand , since customers will comment the problems they may have had with attention to the customer, with a product or service, during the purchase process … All this information should not be ignored, it should be used to improve and offer the customer a much better service in the near future.

Identify brand advocates

There are people who like to show those products or services with which they are satisfied on social networks, they even talk about specific brands. Through the tracking carried out in Social Listening, these profiles can be found, to which collaboration can be offered, especially if they have a high number of followers .

This is a way of thanking them for the mentions of the brand and, at the same time, advertising and reaching more public.

Meet the competition

Social listening should also serve to know what the competition is doing and what the public thinks of it . Knowing what the audience is saying about the competition helps you know where to target a marketing campaign, as well as knowing what improvements to offer. It is even a way to detect possible threats in time, such as the launch of a new product, to plan and respond to it as soon as possible and not lose customers.

Getting new customers

Responding to both positive and negative comments is a way to gain authority and give a greater value to the brand, even to gain positioning .

The public likes to get a response from the brand, especially if it solves a problem. This action allows creating much closer relationships with potential customers, as well as giving a much more committed image to the public. Of course, it is not about responding only to negative comments, since those people who leave a positive one also highly value a thank you response.

Responding to comments makes a person consider that brand as best resource to make a purchase, hence we say it is a way to get new customers.

Event tracking

Social listening allows know how participants feel before, during and after an event organized by the brand or in which it is a participant . All mentions can be useful to improve, especially if it is an event that is going to be repeated. It serves any type of event: exhibitions, fairs …

Tools to apply Social Listening in your company

Now that you know what Social is Listening and all the advantages it has, surely you are wondering how it can be applied in a company, since collecting and analyzing the information of all the mentions is not easy. However, there are tools that can greatly facilitate this work, especially for medium and large companies.

These tools are:

  • Hootsuite and Hootsuite Insights: are the best tools to manage and administer social networks, since it allows you to track comments, mentions and hashtags, as well as reply and communicate with the public from Hootsuite itself. The difference between the two is that Hootsuite Insights allows you to use filters, which makes the crawl much more comprehensive.

Social Listening que es y herramientas para aplicarlo - hootsuite

  • Synthesio: is integrated into Hootsuite and is used to control mentions in social networks . It also allows you to add filters, something very useful to do much more exhaustive searches.

  • HubSpot’s network management software: along with Hootsuite, is one of the best tools to monitor everything that is related to campaigns launched on social networks, as well as detect trends related to the keywords that have been selected.

Social Listening que es y herramientas para aplicarlo - Hubspot

  • Sprout Social: this tool can be integrated into HubSpot. One of its strengths is that it is very easy to use and intuitive, which makes it possible to do social listening quickly and easily.

  • is a tool that allows you to filter by keywords, phrases or unusual activity. It can be integrated into HubSpot.

Social Listening que es y herramientas para aplicarlo -

  • Review Trackers: allows you to monitor reviews of more than 50 different websites, it even allows you to respond to those published on Google and Facebook.

Social Listening que es y herramientas para aplicarlo - ReviewTracker

  • TweetReach: Twitter is one of the best social networks to know the opinions or feelings of users in reference to a brand, product or service, since its fast and simple way of sharing text makes it ideal for publishing criticisms, whether they are positive or negative. With TweetReach you can analyze mentions, calculate the reach of a tweet and know who is most influential within a topic.

Social Listening que es y herramientas para aplicarlo - TweetReach

Although by the search engine could perform social listening tasks, it is clear that these tools make the job much easier. They also allow this action to be carried out in a much more precise and efficient way, in addition to the fact that different fashionable social networks can be analyzed from a tool.

In conclusion, Social Listening has become one of the best marketing strategies, since it offers the brand very valuable information about what the audience thinks and thinks about it. All of this can be used to improve and, above all, to position yourself ahead of the competition.


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