Social Selling: learn how to professionalize your LinkedIn profile

Social Selling: learn how to professionalize your LinkedIn profile

LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional social network and is geared towards professional and business relationships. This is the main reason why any person and company should have a profile on this social network. In addition, LinkedIn is ideal for doing Social Selling, which is selling on social networks after establishing relationships with potential clients.

We explain how to create a LinkedIn profile for professionals and make Social Selling through it.

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Social Selling aprende a profesionalizar tu perfil de LinkedIn

Why you should professionalize your LinkedIn profile

Many professionals believe that it is enough to have a profile on LinkedIn to get clients when, in reality, the profile must be professionalized to achieve this goal. These are the reasons why you should do it:

Gain visibility on the platform

LinkedIn prefers to show the publications of those profiles that generate a greater amount of interactions. In addition, it has been possible to detect that those profiles that publish quality content on a regular basis and that have a careful and professionalized profile have more visits and tend to create more trust in users.

By all this we mean that a professional LinkedIn profile that is capable of creating quality content related to the sector on a regular basis will be more likely to be seen by other users and will create greater trust in them .

Appearing in the results of more searches

Appearing in the results of more searches means that our LinkedIn profile will have many more visits than any other. This will grow the reputation and brand recognition . Also, and in addition to serving to get leads and customers, it serves to attract those users who are looking for new and better job opportunities . In other words, it is a good way to get the attention of those professionals in the sector who would fit into the team.

Connect with professionals in your sector

As we have mentioned, profiles on LinkedIn are also used to search for or attract professionals from the same sector. This means that what the profile transmits will be related to the type of professionals who decide to follow the brand .

Improve your personal brand

LinkedIn is one of the best social networks to work on brand image. This means that it is important to take care of the profile and the way in which we show ourselves on the social network, as well as It is very important to always share original and quality content, even interact with those professionals who fit within our brand philosophy.

Best of all, over the last few years LinkedIn has implemented new ways of share content, so surely there is one that fits the company.

Tips to optimize your professional profile

So that you can optimize Make the most of your professional LinkedIn profile, below we explain everything you must do to achieve it.

1. Choose the profile photo very well

The profile photo is one of the most important elements, since it is what is seen first. Remember that a second person should not appear in that photo, as it could lead to confusion and is unprofessional. We also recommend that the background be as neutral as possible to avoid distractions, that the face looks good and that the photo is of quality.

We also advise you that the photos of the entire team have uniformity and are made with the same conditions to create a brand image . Finally, remember that although in the photo you have to show yourself as you really are, you have to try to get the best out of each one.


2. Choosing the cover photo

The cover photo is also an important element , since it is the most representative of the brand. In addition to visually indicating what is being sold or offered, it is a way of capturing the attention of users who visit the profile.

Ideally, the entire team should incorporate the same cover photo. Or, at the very least, that they all follow the same line to give it uniformity and convey the same company message. It is also one of the most effective ways to create a brand image on social networks.


3. Customize the URL

Many users forget to customize their URL on LinkedIn despite being one of the key elements to be found.

We recommend that you use a URL that contains the name , either complete or not, and last names. Avoid putting numbers, nicknames or any word that has nothing to do with professionalism.

Also, remember that the LinkedIn URL must contain between 3 and 100 characters and no spaces, symbols or special characters can be used.

4. Put the name with which you work professionally in your profile

The name that appears on the LinkedIn profile is just as important as the URL. In this case it is better to use the one that is used regularly . That is, if the full name is, for example, José Eduardo Pascual but Edu Pascual is used regularly and everyone, including clients, is the name they know, it is better to use the latter.

It is very important that clients and other professionals in the sector can find you on LinkedIn quickly and easily, and this is achieved by using the name by which they know you.

5. Control and take care of your headline as much as possible

LinkedIn automatically updates the headline every time a new feature is introduced, but we are the ones who must decide if that is the position we want to show as the main one or not.

The headline is used to specify the main position and also to tell LinkedIn how other users can find that profile. So the most important position should appear and not a specific job .

To prevent LinkedIn from updating the headline, you can uncheck the option “Update my headline”.

6. Use the “about” correctly

Some professionals use the “about” to give biographical information, but their real objective is to launch a brand message .

The “about” serves to explain how to help a client, what can be offered, the success stories … Avoid explaining training, work experiences and other data typical of a curriculum.

We recommend that you synthesize all the information in very few words, since the preview only shows the first lines. This means that the most important thing should appear there.

7. Professional experience is not a resume

A very common mistake at this point is to report all the jobs that have been done, including those that have little or nothing to do with the current professional situation. Only the most important professional experience should be entered here , without leaving bugs between dates.

If the professional approach has changed, it would be interesting to summarize the previous stage. It is also important to describe each job without detailing the tasks too much, but enhancing the benefits provided to the client.

It is also important to describe the personal experience as if it were directed to the Buyer Persona.


8. Do not forget your achievements

Professional experience is not the only important thing, since awards, projects in which they have participated, publications and languages, as well as any other specific action or That is out of the ordinary must be specified in the Achievements section .

This serves to give more value to the profile and to give more personal information that will complement the professional profile.


9. Differentiate yourself from the rest with the skills

LinkedIn gives the option to add professional skills , which can be validated by other professionals. At this point it is very important to be honest.

The skills are added in the form of keywords and serve, above all, so that recruiters can reach the profile. It is a resource that not everyone uses, which is an advantage to differentiate itself from the competition.


10. Ask for recommendations

Finally, the last advice we give to be able to optimize a professional LinkedIn profile to the maximum is to ask for recommendations. It is not about asking friends and acquaintances to write a recommendation, but asking for it from those people with whom you have worked or had some professional contact.


Recommendations are highly valued, since no professional who has been dissatisfied with the work of another would recommend them.

Now you know the importance that has Social Selling on LinkedIn and all the steps you must follow to achieve it. Remember to always be sincere, since this social network is an open door to your professional life and it is the one that can offer you new opportunities, as well as professional growth.

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