The 9 best tools to plan and schedule content on social networks

The 9 best tools to plan and schedule content on social networks

Having a presence on social networks allows a brand to interact with the audience in a much closer way, in addition to showing products or services. However, and despite having many advantages, many companies are not able to properly manage social networks because they do not have a content marketing department or because of the time and investment that it implies. be an obstacle, we explain the tools you can use to plan and schedule content.

Las mejores herramientas para planificar y programar contenido en redes sociales

Why you should plan and schedule your content on networks

Have planned and scheduled Social media posts is essential in any content marketing strategy for it to be effective and profitable. This does not mean that an impromptu post is occasionally made, but there should always be planning.

Optimizing your time and resources

When A content strategy is defined and publications are created based on it, the work is much easier compared to when every day you have to think about what to publish and how to do it.

Post at the best time

The time a post is made is very important. Because there is a lot of contradictory information about it, probably because the best time depends on many factors, such as the type of audience to whom the publication is directed, it is best to try different days and time bands to find the moment that generates a greater engagement.

When the best days and times to publish certain content have been detected, it can be scheduled. It is a way to make sure that publication reaches the right audience .

Create long-term strategies

It can be published content in an improvised way, especially if any news related to the sector to which the brand belongs has been made public. However, to follow a strategy that is effective it is necessary that the content is already designed.

When creating long-term strategies, you set an objective and have a much broader perspective of what you want to achieve. This means that as the campaign evolves, modifications or reorientations can be made to achieve that objective.

Create related content or content series

If it is detected that a certain type of content or a certain topic is interesting to the public, more related publications can be made . It is not about being repetitive, but about providing more information on that topic.

Generate expectation for your audience

To stand out and position yourself on social networks is essential to publish regularly. But, in addition, it has been found that when a particular content is offered at very specific times and frequently, an expectation is generated among the public.

By this we mean that it is positive to accustom the audience to always receive the same day of the week information about news, offers or any other topic . Of course, it must be a content that differs from the rest of the usual publications.

Tools for planning content in social media

Planning and programming the content Being posted on social media has many advantages. However, in order to do so, one of the following tools must be used.

Facebook Creator Studio

It is a tool that allows you to manage and schedule Facebook and Instagram publications, as well as obtain information that allows you to gain followers and web traffic.


It is an app that allows you to schedule posts on Instagram. In this case, the automation is not total, since the publication is not automatic. You can associate a photograph or image to a text and choose the date and time of publication. When the time comes, a notification will appear and the content will have to be exported to be published.



This is of a platform that allows managing various social networks, such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. You can even publish the same content on different social networks at the same time. It is the only one that allows you to schedule an automatic publication on Instagram.



It is another tool that allows you to manage social networks . It is also ideal as a communication channel with clients and as a tool to analyze and measure the effectiveness of actions.

El Resumen de Topics de la competencia es solo una de las herramientas de análisis de la competencia de Sprout, que incorpora, incluso, más información de la industria, que es esencial para la empresa, en tus paneles de control Listening.


This tool allows you to manage content and publish it on social networks in a very simple and fast way. It allows you to create a calendar with all the publications and analyze the results of each one of them.



It was created by Twitter and allows publishing and controlling several accounts of this social network from the same panel.



It is one of the tools most used by the media. Equipped with artificial intelligence, this tool is perfect for sharing content on social networks in the most efficient way possible. Unlike others, it is able to decide and suggest what content is better to share to increase traffic. It is used for Twitter and Facebook.


Sked Social

This tool is ideal for planning Instagram posts, in addition has a calendar in which drafts can be saved. It allows preparing a publication with an image, text, hashtags, links … In addition, it is a very intuitive program.



Like the rest, it allows you to schedule posts on social networks and is perfect for work teams and collaborations. That is, different team members can make modifications and comments before that content is published. It is ideal for content marketing companies, since customers can see and approve the content before it is published.


Being present on social networks is essential for any brand that wants to be known or wants to keep its customers. So the ideal is to use any of these tools that allow you to manage them quickly and easily, which makes it much more achievable to become visible in them through regular publications. Of course, we must never lose sight of the quality of the content that is published and that many times less is more.

Las mejores herramientas para planificar y programar contenido en redes sociales0

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