The best free apps for managing social networks

Want to know which are the best free apps for managing social networks used by professionals in the sector?

Then this article is for you!

In the list that we propose below you will find free apps for social management, for all tastes and needs , from apps to create Instagram stories for the your brand to the best tools for managing a company on social networks.

Let’s get started!

The best free apps for managing social networks

Here are some of the best free social media management tools, apps and software that many successful brands use:

Free social network apps # 1 Later: manage your Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter profiles in one place

We know that social media managers and business owners are busy people and that managing your social platforms shouldn’t take up all of your working hours.

So to help you streamline your workflow and put your social strategy in order, Later can plan and publish your content across all of your social media platforms.

From creating your post and nailing Instagram aesthetics with the Visual Planner, to publishing on multiple platforms and driving traffic to your business – Later does it all.

Plus, Later’s built-in analytics tools help you keep track of all your posts and make sure your content does what you want it to do.

Free social network apps # 2 Over: Animated Instagram Stories and much more

Over will help you improve your social game, especially if you want to create interactive and engaging content for your feeds.

It has a lot of built-in templates and pre-designed layouts that are simple to use, even if you have no design experience.

Over is especially useful if you’re looking to level up your Instagram and Facebook Stories – with just one or two quick edits, you can have an animated Instagram Story for your feed.

N.B .: the size of Instagram Stories and Facebook Stories are the same , so you can easily reuse your Instagram content on Facebook!

But it doesn’t just stop at Instagram Stories on Over – you can create tons of different social assets to fill your feed. Think quotes, Facebook cover images, Pinterest pins and more!

Plus there are tons of options so you can easily find a design that fits your voice and brand aesthetic – you can even import your own custom fonts!

Available on: iOS and Android : some features are only available on Over Pro.

Free social network apps # 3 Adobe Spark: eye-catching advertisements and more

The whole Adobe suite is packed with great programs but we have a special place in our hearts for Adobe Spark, which can take your content to a whole new level.

Both Adobe Spark Post and Adobe Spark Video are great tools for creating social assets for your brand, but when it comes to creating ads your followers really want to watch, Spark is the top!

It’s all too easy for viewers to scroll through ads without thinking, so you need to make them captivating and jump-proof!

Even if you have no graphic design experience, you can use Spark to make short captivating videos and beautiful still photos. And the free version has more than enough features to get you started.

Plus, it doesn’t stop with ads! You can create Instagram Stories, Animated Feed Posts, Pinterest Pins – anything your creative heart desires.

And the best part? With Later’s Chrome extension, you can transfer your Adobe Spark projects to your next media library in two clicks – no downloads or file sharing links required, making teamwork a dream!

Get started designing and planning your content with Adobe and higher without hassle today!

Easily design, schedule and share images with Adobe Spark and later

Free social networking apps # 4 Canva: wide range of shared image templates, also available on desktop

Another great tool for creating creative assets for your social platforms is Canva.

Just like Over, Canva has a wide range of shared image templates to choose from, along with built-in color schemes and text matching options to make your posts stand out from other online accounts. .

But one of the real advantages of Canva is that is available on desktop, making it easy to share with your team and edit in one central location.

Additionally, you can upload your brand fonts, color palettes and images to make sure each shared asset is perfectly aligned and reflects your brand’s style and tone.

And if you’re a small startup or basic brand, the free plan includes 8,000 templates, so you’ll be ready to start designing without breaking your budget!

Available on: Desktop, iOS, and Android .

Free social network apps # 5 PicMonkey: over 100 predefined templates for your Instagram stories

This is the latest social media design app in the line-up, but it’s worth a look if you’re looking to level up your Instagram Stories strategy!

The PicMonkey app is packed with powerful and intuitive design tools and over 100 predefined templates for Instagram stories, all fully customizable to suit your brand or style.

This way you can make sure you are meeting your business goals and delivering the best possible content.

Available on: iOS and Android

Free social networking apps # 6 Google Campaign URL Builder: to track your traffic and effective keywords

If you regularly collaborate with other brands on co-marketing projects or work with social media influencers, you may want to consider setting up UTM tracking links with Google.

UTM is short for “Urchin Tracking Module”: to put it in simpler terms, a UTM is the unique piece of code you will add to the end of your URL.

By adding UTM parameters to your campaign URLs, you can find out where your traffic is coming from and the path it took to reach you, as well as information about where exactly your visitors have clicked on a screen and what keywords they are been effective.

And the best way to do that is with Google Builder URL Campaign – there are 5 parameters you can add to your URLs – source, medium, campaign, term and content – and each parameter must be paired with a value you assign.

When your UTM link is created, you can share that custom URL with any of your marketing partners or influencers and easily track how much traffic they generate for your site.

It’s a great way to see what percentage of traffic is also coming from each of your social platforms, so you can customize your content for each.

Google Analytics and Google Campaign URL Builder are both free to use!

Free social network apps # 7 Facebook and Instagram Creator Studio to manage 2 social networks in one

Instagram is part of the Facebook family, so many of your settings and features, such as ads, are managed through Facebook. That’s why Facebook launched Creator Studio, a central place to manage your Instagram and Facebook accounts.

Think of it as a mission control page for your Instagram and Facebook profiles.

With Creator Studio, you can also schedule posts, track engagement rates, track comments, place in-stream ads, and manage multiple pages in one place.

Furthermore, Facebook is constantly improving the dashboard. For example, Creator Studio was only available for Facebook Pages, but that’s all changed now.

With the new Instagram Creator Studio, creators have access to tons of new Instagram tools and features, including the ability to schedule IGTV videos. So it’s worth a look!

Free social network apps # 8 Adobe Lightroom CC: for super professional photos

Lightroom is another of our Adobe favorites and one of the best ways to make your Instagram photos look truly professional.

With Adobe Lightroom, there are countless ways to manipulate your photos, whether you’re editing them from scratch or using presets on your desktop or mobile app.

Once you start editing with Lightroom, even just using Lightroom presets (which are like “filters”), you will start to see your image quality drastically improve and you will start developing a unique style for you and your brand.

And while most people associate Lightroom presets with their Instagram aesthetic, don’t forget that you can bring that brand and style to your Pinterest feed, newsletters, or even your website images!

The desktop version has an annual cost, but the Lightroom CC mobile app is completely free (available on iOS and Android).

Free social network apps # 9 Wistia and Soapbox: for super video recordings

Whether you’re hosting a webinar or recording a tutorial, Wistia helps you organize and keep all your video playlists in one place. Without annoying ads that disrupt the flow!

Furthermore, Wistia comes with a super recording and editing tool called Soapbox: it allows you to record both screen and webcam simultaneously. Turn a presentation into a breeze to record, edit and share with your followers!

Wistia comes with a free trial version for three videos, but you can upgrade at any time to access all of their features.

Free social network apps # 10 Mailchimp: a simple and professional way to send newsletters

In recent years, newsletters have really had their renaissance.

They’re perfect for delivering content to your followers and keeping your name and brand in their brains week after week.

Plus, your newsletter is an audience you “own” – you don’t need to fight with an algorithm to see your content! All you need is a free Mailchimp account, a stellar subject line, and some great content to share with your followers.

You can choose when and what to send to your audience and where to drive your newsletter traffic , making Mailchimp one of the best ways for small brands to keep an eye on their latest product launches and encourage sales!

Mailchimp also provides insights to help you deliver relevant content that will really impress your followers. Best of all, the basic plan is completely free.

Free social network apps # 11 Facebook ad management to measure the performance of your advertising campaigns

More and more companies are turning to Instagram and Facebook ads to reach new customers and make sales. But few companies are monitoring their performance.

If you’ve ever run an ad campaign before, you know how important it is to track and measure the success of your current ads so you can replicate (and improve!) that success in the future.

And when it comes to Facebook and Instagram ads, there’s no better tool for that than Facebook Ads Manager.

Instagram uses Facebook’s advertising platform to run all advertising campaigns. So any ad setup, goal setting, budget and creation is all via Facebook Ads Manager!

Once your campaign has run, you can measure the performance of your ads and see if they are achieving their intended goal with Ad Manager’s many reporting tools.

Of course, Facebook’s ad manager is free!

Free social network apps # 12 Social Blade: all the most valuable statistics of your profiles

If your business works with influencers on a regular basis, it’s a good idea to include some health checks for your influencer partnerships. And Social Blade is the best tool for that!

Marketed as a stats website, Social Blade allows you to track user data and growth trends across multiple social channels, including Twitter, YouTube, Twitch, Instagram and more . And it’s all free!

Just type in an account name, select Instagram from the drop-down menu, then browse through tons of valuable insights and analytics.

One feature of Social Blade that we really like is the historical data, which allows you to see the number of followers an account has gained and lost each day over a period of time.

If you notice big spikes in follower growth, it could mean that the influencer is using a bot to grow their account.

Growth spikes can also be explained by other reasons, such as being shown on Instagram’s Explore page, having a viral post, giving a giveaway or being featured in the media.

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Free social network apps # 13 Unsplash: a large collection of images to use freely

Unsplash is one of the best places on the Internet to find beautiful royalty-free photos. With over a million images available for download, you’re pretty sure you’ll find the exact photo you need.

It’s easy to think of stock images as a mushy, overly posed photograph, but everything on Unsplash is classy and beautiful.

Upload images directly to your social channels or use them to create collages or mood boards. It’s all completely free, so let your imagination run wild!

To conclude

Now that your social media management kit with all the best free social management apps is ready, you can start leveling up in your social game!

Start playing with some of these social media management tools and start experimenting more with your strategy – they’re all free after all, so you have nothing to lose!

If you want to learn more about the free apps for Instagram, we recommend you read: all the best free apps to become popular on Instagram

Source for the article: Later

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