The organic positioning guide on TikTok

The organic positioning guide on TikTok

TikTok is one of the popular social networks with an estimated 700 million monthly active users worldwide. This has made many companies that used social networks to advertise interested in it. However, the success of TikTok also makes it essential to make the most of the platform’s resources to position and stand out. If you are thinking of launching advertising on TikTok, we will explain how you can rank.

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Advantages of TikTok for companies

There are more and more brands that include TikTok in their marketing strategies. This is because it offers great advantages, in addition to being a social network still growing, so it is important to find a place in it.

Among the main advantages of TikTok for companies we highlight:

  • Reach new markets. TikTok has a very solid base of millions of monthly users worldwide and, which is also in exponential growth, so it can be an opportunity for those brands that want to sell internationally .

  • It is still growing. Some social networks have already peaked, but TikTok He still has a long way to go. This means that it is a channel that allows you to quickly and easily reach a target audience and new audiences. In addition, at the moment it is not a social network as crowded with advertising as others.

  • It is a way to get there to the young public. TikTok is one of the most popular social networks among young audiences, so brands that want to reach it should start considering the idea of ​​including it in their marketing strategies.

  • It allows advertising from entertainment. As we have already mentioned, TikTok is a social network with a young audience, so Advertising must be original and eye-catching to capture their attention and effectively monetize this social network. It is best to use a fresh and clear tone and content that entertains.

  • It has different formats. There are different advertising formats within TikTok, so it can be very easily adapted to the company’s objective.

  • It allows working with influencers. Although this is not new, since there are other social networks where you can also, TikTok allows you to work with influencers. This means that those people with a certain number of followers can advertise a brand’s product or service.

Despite all these advantages, to advertise on TikTok and be successful it doesn’t do anything. The content, to attract attention and stand out from the competition, must be original, eye-catching and, above all, entertaining.

Key SEO concepts on TikTok

In a social network like TikTok publishing content is not enough, you have to optimize it for SEO and get likes, comments and followers. It is also mandatory to be the first to publish such content and it can help to create funny and original sounds. However, to achieve all this you must make use of hashtags and keywords, even interact with the audience.

The use of hashtags is essential for the audience to find that content. If it is also interesting, the number of followers will grow. To start and ensure that the content does not get lost among the competition, the ideal is to use long-tail hashtags. You can also optimize the content for SEO through keywords in the description, even the hashtags must be keywords.

Both the hashtags and the description of the video must give real information about the content. That is, even if a hashtag is very popular or a keyword has many searches, if it is not related to the video, it should not be used, since the audience will feel cheated.

It will also be necessary to interact with the audience. This means responding to their comments and private messages even briefly.

Positioning yourself in TikTok step by step

In order for advertising on TikTok to bear fruit, you must do the following:

  1. Choose well the audience to which the content is directed. Although the audience that uses TikTok is young, there are different profile types. Depending on the product or service to be advertised, it will be necessary to create related content that can attract the attention of that specific type of audience. So the first step is to be very clear about the audience to which the ad is directed.

  2. Know the trends and stay active. To succeed on TikTok you have to know what kind of content goes viral. It’s not about copying content, it’s about getting an idea of ​​what stands out.

  3. Create original content. You have to be creative so that the content is original and very eye-catching. The more entertaining, the better.

  4. Use hashtags and keywords. As we have already mentioned, hashtags and keywords are key elements for positioning and for the public to find that content.

  5. Interact with the audience. Being grateful to the followers and interacting with them is key to gain visibility.

  6. Post frequently. The more content you’ve posted, the more likely it is to reach your audience. Although publishing just for publishing does not work. In other words, the content of the profile must be consistent and must be original and eye-catching.

  7. Connect the networks social. You have to take advantage of the followers of other social networks and share the content there to attract traffic to TikTok. You do not have to share everything, since users do not want to see the same thing twice.

Making a hole in a social network like TikTok is not something immediate, but with perseverance and patience it can be achieved . It is very important to use all the tools on the platform, as they are the basis for positioning. Of course, here the content plays a key role, since it must attract attention and entertain. You can also be guided by the reactions of the public to see what content triumphs more among your followers in case you need to refocus it.

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