TikTok Ads: How to Generate Leads the Smart Way

TikTok Ads: How to Generate Leads the Smart Way

Last April, TikTok Ads introduced a new lead generation solution. For brands that advertise on the platform, this is fantastic news, as it allows them to achieve their marketing goals and connect with their audience much more efficiently.

Following its explosion in popularity, TikTok It is establishing itself as one of the favorite networks of the brands, and this novelty represents another step to monetize its user base in the long term. Let’s see what TikTok Ads lead generation is and how to start using it.

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TikTok Ads como generar leads de forma inteligente

What is TikTok Ads lead generation?

Lead Generation is a new TikTok Ads solution that helps businesses reach customers and drive conversion . It is a “first-party” solution that allows companies to share information about products and services that may be attractive to customers and get their contact details with just a few taps.

This is the basic operation of the lead generation ads :

  1. The user clicks on the TikTok In-feed video ad call-to-action button and activates the instant form.

  2. The form is charge immediately; in fact, the average lead generation form load time is 9 times faster than a third-party landing page on TikTok.

  3. The user fills in the information. Since autocomplete is enabled, your basic data will be filled in automatically to minimize friction and maximize conversions.

  4. The user submits the form and thus becomes a potential customer of the brand. Generated leads can be downloaded manually or, if they are integrated with the company’s CRM, it is also possible to activate them immediately for maximum efficiency.

  5. After filling in the form, the user is directed to a thank you page, which can be a related page outside the lead generation page or an application store from which to install (optional) .

For companies, TikTok’s lead generation solution brings multiple advantages :

  • Efficiency – Eye-catching ads attract prospects, and fast loading and the option to include auto-complete information speeds up the process. In this way we guarantee the highest possible conversion rate.

  • Personalization : you can customize the content of the ad, the call to action button and the instant form to promote special plans and services and get the information you need from your customers. This customization makes it possible for the solution to adapt to all types of companies.

  • Easy processing: As we have just mentioned, leads can be downloaded manually or incorporated into the company’s CRM. This makes it possible to take immediate action with lead nurturing and lead scoring systems that move forward on the road to conversion.

How use lead generation on TikTok

Lead generation on TikTok is already available to brands so, if you also want to enjoy all its advantages, you just have to follow these steps :

  1. Go to TikTok Ads Manager — Campaign — Goal and select the goal “Lead Generation “


  1. Adjust the strategy bid through an optimization and targeting objective. It is recommended to bid on CPL (cost per lead), set “leads” as the optimization target, and choose billing by oCPM. Regarding segmentation, all full release segmentation capabilities are available, so choose the ones that best suit the audience you are looking for.

  2. Create your personalized instant form according to your goals. Remember that some elements will be filled in automatically, so take the opportunity to ask questions that really help you evaluate leads.

  3. And ready! Now you just have to manually export the leads (you have up to 90 days) or integrate them through the custom TikTok API to activate them immediately.

Generation of leads on TikTok: transparency and privacy

With this launch, the social network wanted to emphasize transparency and security , two very important aspects when we are collecting user data.

Therefore, the lead generation tool will show a privacy notice to users when they send their information, in which they will be indicated that the data is they are collecting for the advertiser. The privacy policy of TikTok and that of the advertisers will be linked to the form.

In addition, the personal data collected through the lead generation tool will only be accessible to the advertiser and users will be able to edit their information in the form or click to exit it at any point in the process. With all these precautions, user data remains protected and TikTok ensures that it complies with all regulations for the protection of personal information.

Success story in Spain: Nina Ricci

Despite being a very novel solution, in Spain we already have the first success stories of lead generation on TikTok . On the TikTok for Business blog they share the example of Nina Ricci, who has tried this tool to promote her latest fragrance.

The ad consisted of an in-feed ad video in which a Spanish creator made an unboxing of the fragrance with a “call to action” so that users could register with a short form and request a free sample of the product.

The campaign was active on TikTok ads for 24 hours and got some excellent results: 41.85% conversion rate, 1.5% CTR and 83% lower cost per lead compared to other lead campaigns previously conducted outside of TikTok.

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