Twitter news for 2021

Twitter news for 2021

Twitter is a social network designed to share information in a short, fast, simple and free way. Unlike other social networks, its success is based on the simplicity and brevity of its publications, and it is precisely because of this success that many companies have wanted to incorporate it into their marketing strategies.

However, For a social network like Twitter to continue to be successful, it needs to evolve and adapt to the new demands and new habits of the public. We explain the news that Twitter has prepared for this year 2021 .

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Novedades de Twitter para 2021

Benefits of Twitter for your marketing strategy

Twitter has more than 350 million active users per month and it has a fairly loyal audience, which is why it has become one of the best social networks for companies that want to reach their audience easily and quickly. In addition, it is a very effective way to get web traffic . Many companies that have incorporated Twitter into their marketing strategies have detected a growth in the number of visits to their site. Of course, it is necessary to be constant and make numerous tweets to be visible and get clicks.

Another benefit of Twitter for companies is that allows you to reach any type of person in a very simple way . You just have to participate in conversations and provide valuable information to stand out. Also, one of the strengths of Twitter is that, unlike other social networks, content has a much higher probability of being seen by people interested in that topic.

As we have already mentioned, it is important to tweet regularly and provide valuable and interesting information to attract the attention of the public. But, in addition, everything that is published must be related to the image that you want to give the brand . That is, what is published gives information about who is behind that company and its philosophy. In the same way, any type of interaction, including comments made on other accounts, also creates that image of the brand.

Twitter is also a way to boost SEO , so keywords must be included in tweets to appear in Google searches. Remember that a publication on Twitter can generate web traffic, so it is worth taking this point into account.

In addition to all these benefits, Twitter is also capable of increasing sales , since the more web traffic there is, the more likely the public will buy; It has a great scope, increases authority , it is a way of getting to know customers and their needs and it is a social network that allows content reuse from other platforms . With the latter we do not mean to use non-original content, but a blog post can be used to create tweets and attract the attention of the public, who will be interested in that article and will click.

Latest news from Twitter

Although Twitter can boast of having a loyal community, the habits and demands of the public change and it is necessary to innovate. So Twitter has announced the arrival of news that could increase the number of benefits in a marketing strategy.

Profile verification

The Twitter verified account program has been on hold for some time, so many accounts do not have the blue verification badge that ensures that account has authenticity and is in the public interest. To get this badge, the account must be associated with a recognized person or brand and, as confirmed by Twitter, applications will be accepted again this year .

All those companies or brands that have an active Twitter account may request account verification, which will make them gain authenticity and notoriety within this great social network. However, sending this request does not guarantee obtaining the blue badge, since you have to comply with a series of requirements that, in summary, would be to be a user with certain relevance within Twitter, that the account is active and have respected the rules of the social network. This process will be available within the Account Settings.

Twitter Fleets

Twitter , as well as other social networks such as Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn, will also have stories . In this case they will be called Fleets and they will be publications that will disappear after 24 hours, as happens in other networks, and that will accept texts, GIFs, images and videos. Following the style of Twitter, these types of publications will have a minimalist style and will not have all the customization options that are in other social networks.

Novedades de Twitter para 2021 - Twitter Fleets

The Fleets will appear at the top of the app and they will not be able to receive likes or be retweeted and replies will be sent as a private message. This means that, unlike conventional tweets, Fleets will have lower visibility and reach, but it is a nice extra to traditional posts.

Stories have been a very popular format in recent years and Twitter is intended to be a way to express an opinion, report on a specific topic or share information spontaneously within a much more private environment.

Twitter Cards for e-commerce

Another novelty is Twitter Cards , a very attractive resource, since Twitter It will allow adding multimedia files in the tweets so that the product can be viewed. That is, in addition to a description of up to 200 characters, now you can add an image and even additional information, such as price or availability.

For brands, Twitter Cards has many benefits, since you can give users much more information without the need for them to go to the website. In addition to advertising products in a much more attractive way, through these cards you can run contests, share resources, announce events and share, in a general way, photos and videos.

Twitter Cards is, without a doubt , one of the novelties that has the most benefits for a company that wants to introduce Twitter Ads in its marketing strategies. Of course, it must be used correctly to attract the public.

Carousel ads

The carousel ads is one of the most attractive news for marketing teams. This type of ads consists of adding two or more multimedia resources in the same publication in order to show more details about a product or service or to show several at the same time.

Novedades de Twitter para 2021 - Anuncios-carrusel-Twitter

Twitter will allow you to add several images or videos within the same ad. This means that there will be more room for creativity and there will be more flexibility when it comes to advertising one or more products or services. As well as it will be much more comfortable for the user, who will have all the information within the same publication.

To create carousels it will be enough to follow a few simple steps within the same Twitter application and can used both to advertise a product or service and for interaction and recognition campaigns .

Twitter Spaces

Twitter is aware that the Voice is one of the most powerful forms of communication that exists, hence the decision to take the big step by creating the Spaces platform .

Novedades de Twitter para 2021 - Twitter Spaces

Users will be able to share any type of information through voice notes within small groups of people interested in the same topic . Group members can react to a voice memo with emoticons or reply with audio. These groups will be within the Spaces platform. It follows the concept of the new ClubHouse social network quite a bit.

It is clear that Twitter has wanted to improve the experience of those users who do not feel comfortable publishing opinions publicly and prefer to share them within a smaller group and intimate. Furthermore, this platform is Twitter’s way of giving users access to much more personalized content.

Super Follows

Now Twitter will also have a paid version . Users who upgrade to this version will have access to exclusive content, will be able to belong to private groups and will receive paid newsletters, among other things.

Novedades de Twitter para 2021 - Twitter Super Follow

For Twitter it is a new way of obtaining income, for brands and companies it will be a way of directing their content to a much more specific audience and with more defined interests.

Although this paid version will be launched in 2021, many details are still unknown.


Finally, Twitter It will also incorporate the Communities function, which can perfectly remember Facebook Groups . The idea is that users can create groups or communities that revolve around a specific topic or interests.

Taking into account all the news from Twitter for 2021, we can conclude that their intention is that users have greater access to publications that are related to their interests and hobbies, since until now everything was much more random. Without a doubt, it is something that brands will be able to take advantage of, since they will be able to target a much more specific audience.

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