What is a good engagement ratio in social networks?

What is a good engagement ratio in social networks?

Let’s talk about a fundamental metric in social media marketing: the engagement ratio.

This engagement ratio measures the percentage of user interaction with your publications. The exact way to calculate it and the figures you can expect vary in each social network, so let’s see what is a good engagement ratio in the different social networks and some tips to improve yours.

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Cual es un buen ratio de engagement en redes sociales

What is a good engagement ratio on different social networks?


To calculate the engagement ratio on Facebook , we have to add the number of reactions, comments and shares during the last 7 days, divide it by the total number of followers of the page and multiply it by 100. We can also calculate it from the metric “people talking about this” , which already combines the different types of interactions.

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According to social media expert Mari Smith, the average engagement rate in Facebook is 2% . Although this figure has been around for a while and the competition on Facebook is much higher now than a few years ago. Also, this is because users only see a small sample of their friends’ posts and the pages they follow.

If we consult the average engagement figures on Facebook in the third quarter of 2020 according to Statista (calculated per publication), the average engagement would be only 0.18%, but it must be taken into account that most of the Pages posted several times a week. On the other hand, the engagement rate of posts with video is 0.26% .


The ratio of engagement on LinkedIn can be calculated by dividing the interactions obtained by a publication by the total number of followers, by the number of users reached or by the number of impressions of a publication.

In any of the three cases, LinkedIn’s target engagement rate would be around 2% . The figure is similar to Facebook, but keep in mind that here we are calculating by publication and not by period of time.


According to Rival IQ, the average Twitter engagement ratio (calculated per tweet) in 2020 was 0.045% , so this would be the reference figure to compare ourselves with. The average number of publications of the brands was 0.77 tweets per day.


TikTok has become one of the most popular social networks of recent years, and perhaps the secret of this lies in the high engagement rate of TikTok .

According to Statista with data from a study of July 2020, the influencers of this social networks in the United States have an engagement ratio of 17.99%, whereas international influencers have 15.86% . And according to Influencer Marketing Hub, the percentage of normal organic interactions in this network ranges between 3% and 9%, depending on the size of the audience. Great news for brands that decide to promote themselves on this network.


Social media experts agree that a good engagement rate on Instagram would be between 1% and 5% , depending on functions such as the sector in which the brand works, the size of its audience or the type of content it publishes. According to the Hootsuite team, the average engagement rate in 2020 was 4.59%.

10 tips to improve your engagement rate on social media

  • Know your followers. It is difficult to create quality content if you do not know who you are creating it for. The characteristics of your followers will help you define the type of content you should publish, the style of your brand and even the days and hours of publication.

  • Share your best images. In general, images are one of the resources that most help attract the attention of followers, especially in more visual networks, such as Instagram. Image galleries can also help you tell your story and attract interactions.

  • Create video content. Some networks rely on more in the video than others (for example, TikTok would be at one end and LinkedIn or Twitter at the other), but in all of them it is a very useful resource to increase engagement. In particular, live video is a format that has grown in popularity in recent years.

  • Be authentic. Today These days, it’s better to be honest and human on social media than to do everything perfectly. Ephemeral content, such as Instagram Stories, has helped both users and brands dare to show their more natural side.

  • Use user-generated content. Social networks are for talking to your audience, not for monologues. And a great way to give them a voice and show that you are there for them is by sharing their content. So if someone has tagged your brand, return the favor by sharing their post.

  • Answer user questions. After taking all the work to get your users to comment, don’t leave them unanswered! Keep the conversation alive by responding to their comments and above all, don’t leave any questions about your brand unanswered.

  • Vary your content. Posting photos of your products day after day can make your audience tire and go in search of more stimulating content. Try to publish in different formats and encourage interactions with contests, surveys, questionnaires or simply questions to your followers.

  • Post regularly and at strategic times . Improving your reach and your engagement rate on social networks requires time and perseverance. Schedule your posts regularly and try to focus on the days and times when there are the most users connected to maximize the chances of engagement.

  • Add calls to action. Do you want your followers to respond to your posts? Tell her! Something as simple as “Tell us which one is your favorite” can trigger a lot of comments. You can also encourage users to “like” or share your content, always being careful not to get spammed.

  • Do experiments and measure the results. In the end, although many of the recommendations are universal, the situation of each brand is unique. So to know what works best, you will have to measure and analyze the engagement rate of each publication and test different types of content and publication hours. The results are sure to surprise you!

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