What is Facebook Creator Studio? (+ video tutorial)

What is Facebook Creator Studio? (+ video tutorial)

Creator Studio is Facebook’s platform for content creators, full of tools that simplify and improve management. If you manage one or more Facebook and Instagram pages, it is an essential resource for publishing, managing and organizing your content. Let’s see what exactly Facebook Creator Studio is and how to use it step by step.

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What is Facebook Creator Studio?

Creator Studio is Facebook’s solution to manage, publish, monetize and monitor the videos of all your Facebook pages and Instagram accounts from a single central location. With Creator Studio you can …

  • Simplify the publication of content, publishing videos directly from the platform, publishing from your content library and accessing creative tools to improve your videos.

  • Track the performance of your content , with detailed statistics that allow you to know your audience better and optimize the content.

  • Manage interactions with your audience, Filtering, organizing and responding easily to the comments of your followers on all your Facebook pages.

In short, Facebook Creator Studio allows you to access all the tools that interest you from one place to simplify the process of creating and managing your presence on Facebook and Instagram.

Requirements for using Creator Studio

Creator Studio can be accessed by everyone who manages Facebook Pages, but the functions available will vary depending on their administrator role. Administrators of Facebook pages can access all functions:

  • Manage the roles of the page.

  • Create and delete posts on behalf of the page.

  • Send messages on behalf of the page.

  • Reply to and remove comments and posts from the page.

  • Remove people and prohibit access to the page.

  • Promote posts.

  • View statistics.

Other roles have more limited functions, for example, the analyst will only be able to view statistics.

It is also possible that, regardless of your role, these two functions are not available to you:

  • The Monetization tab: Some features of in-stream ads, fan subscriptions and the brand collaboration manager will only appear if the pages you manage use them. If you don’t use them yet, you can check if you meet the requirements to monetize your content.
  • The Rights tab Manager : these functions will only be available if you already have access to this tool. If not, you will see an option to request access.

To access Instagram through Creator Studio, you need to have a business account or a creator account. Your Instagram account must be linked to a Facebook page that you manage.

Step-by-step Creator Studio tutorial (Facebook)

Home page

On the Creator Studio home screen, we see that the first option would be to publish something. There are three different ways to publish with Creator Studio :

  • A On the left, if we click Create Post, we see several options. We can create a publication without video, upload a story as if we were from our own mobile, upload one or more videos at the same time, publish on several pages … It also gives us different options to broadcast live.

  • In the center tab, we also have all the options to publish. We can publish in real time or schedule the publication, as well as assign an earlier date. We can also save the post as a draft to finish it later. Finally, we have the option of promoting the publication and targeting different audiences.

  • Finally, we can publish from the tabs upload story, upload video or broadcast.

In addition to publishing, on the home page we can take a general look at the publications of our Facebook pages, with a summary of the latest publications we have made, basic statistics about our content and a list of scheduled publications, in drafts and announcements.

In the left column you can find the different sections that are explained below.

Content library

In this section you can consult content of all pages, if you have several. You can view the content of stories, videos, playlists, series, clips, instant articles, and posts in the bio.

You can filter by post type, date, and other characteristics. You can also check statistics of each publication individually by clicking on them, edit them, delete them, promote them and other actions.

You can see different data about your publications, including:

  • The release status (published, scheduled, drafts).

  • Details about the post, such as whether it can be monetized, whether the content has been used across multiple posts, engagement, or number of views.

You can also filter posts by keywords and status and publish content directly from this section.


In this section you can see information about your videos, stories and instant articles, such as:

  • Total minutes of video playback.

  • The repr Video productions that have lasted at least one minute.

  • Video reproductions that have lasted at least three seconds.

  • Interactions with the video (shares, comments and reactions).

  • The net followers during the indicated period (users who have followed the page less users who have unfollowed it).

At the bottom you can see the featured pages you manage and the popular videos for all of them, along with individual statistics for each video. By clicking on each video, we can see more detailed data and new options such as editing or promoting the publication.

In the performance tab we can also find information about the audience, such as age and gender, and retention and loyalty metrics.

In addition to all this information about the published videos, we can also find data from our Stories.


In the inbox we can manage the interactions of all our pages, including direct messages and comments, both from Facebook and Instagram. In this way, we save time and optimize interaction with followers.


There are different options to monetize our presence on Facebook, as long as we comply with the requirements:

  • In-stream ads (before, during or after playback). At a minimum, we must have 10,000 followers and 30,000 one-minute views.

  • Subscriptions (recurring monthly payments from our fans) .

  • Branded content (post content with business partners).

  • Instant articles (advertise articles with native advertising format).

Once we have started earning money with our page, here we can edit the payment settings, view statements, configure block lists or promote subscriptions.

Creative tools

Here We will find music and sound effects that we can download and include in videos for free without any rights problems.


In this section we have general information about our Facebook pages . The administrators of the pages can change the existing administration roles and add new ones, and we can even create a new page from right here.

In the page configuration section we can find many interesting options, for example , link our page with WhatsApp Business.

And finally, under Page quality we can check the quality status of our page according to Facebook, the monetization status and compliance with community standards.


In this section we can access different functions within Facebook, such as the store, the ad manager or the event manager.

Step-by-step Creator Studio tutorial (Instagram)

If we access Creator Studio from Instagram, we will see fewer options than from Facebook, but the basic functionalities are the same. Let’s see the main similarities and differences:

  • There are only two options to create a publication: publish in the Instagram feed or on Instagram TV. We cannot create Stories from Creator Studio.

  • When creating a publication, we can also choose to publish it, schedule it or save it as a draft , both on Instagram and Facebook.

  • If we upload a video for IGTV, we have to upload the file and write the title and description. We can share a minute preview on the Instagram feed and Facebook page and choose a cover image.

  • As with Facebook, we can find all our publications in the content library. We can filter by keyword, by state or by date. To see statistics of each publication and edit it, you have to click on each individual publication.

  • There is an option to see all the content in calendar format, whether published, scheduled or draft. This calendar is created automatically as we publish in Creator Studio.

  • The activity statistics section divides the information in two main blocks: accounts reached (reach and impressions of the content) and actions carried out in your account (what users do when they interact with your content). Audience data is very similar to Instagram Insights: demographics, when users are most online, countries and cities.

  • And finally, if we collaborate with brands, the monetization section is the same as on Facebook.

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