What is Pinterest? Function and use for companies of this social network

What is Pinterest? Function and use for companies of this social network

When we make a marketing plan on social networks, we usually start with the most “typical”, such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, or those that are in fashion at a certain time, such as TikTok.

But today we are going to talk about a network that has been with us for many years and that, although in a discreet background, is still very popular: Pinterest . This network has a number of characteristics that make it very interesting for marketers, so let’s see what you need to know before opening your business account on Pinterest.

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Why do marketing on Pinterest?

Pinterest is a rather peculiar social network, since its use is largely based on organizing content related to purchases . For example, many users use Pinterest to save decorating ideas for a home renovation, or to plan their wedding.

Que es Pinterest y como se usa para empresa

Because of this, marketing on Pinterest it is easier to translate into conversions than actions on other social networks. In fact, it is estimated that every $ 1 invested in Pinterest produces $ 2 of benefits for brands.

If you want to get an idea of ​​the impact of marketing on Pinterest, do not miss these statistics :

Pinterest’s commercial potential is even greater if we take into account which are the “star themes” on this platform: decoration, babies, weddings, travel, recipes … If your brand belongs to any of these sectors, Pinterest is An opportunity that you cannot miss.

The main features of Pinterest

Before seeing how to open a business account on Pinterest, let’s give you a I review how this network works.

Pinterest is a social network based on visual content (images and videos). One of its main characteristics is the proactivity of the users, since the network is designed to inspire and motivate them when carrying out their lifestyle projects.

The users of this social network, Also called “ pinners “, they are dedicated to publishing, sharing and saving “ pins “. The concept of “pin” can refer to two things:

  • The action of place a marker in the form of a thumbtack (“pin”) to fix and save the images that we find interesting and add them to our collections. Later, we can use these images as a “shortcut” to access the original page from which we got the idea .


  • The individual images that are part of our collection and They represent an idea that we want to revisit in the future, for example an idea to paint the dining room table or a recipe that we want to test.

The pins are stored on boards or boards, a kind of gallery of “pins” organized by theme. Dashboards may have been created by users or by companies.

With all this clear, let’s see what are the main Pinterest functionalities that we can incorporate into our social media strategy:


  • Home feed: similar to other social networks, here users can see content from the people and brands they are targeting follow on Pinterest.

  • Button for the browser: a tool specially designed to save “pins “from any internet page, thus facilitating the process of incorporating them to our boards.

  • Bar of search: to search for content of interest based on keywords.

  • Search visual: with this tool, users can perform a search starting from e an image. Pinterest analyzes this image, identifies its different components and offers the user results for similar products. 80% of users start their purchase process from a visual search.

  • Lens your Look : this functionality incorporated into the Pinterest camera (Pinterest Lens) generates recommendations from a photographed product. For example, we can use the photo of a dress to recommend accessories.

  • Shop the Look:

  • Try: an augmented reality functionality that allows you to test products before buying them. For example, we can use it to see how a piece of clothing or makeup would look.

  • Pinterest Ads Manager : Pinterest has its own advertising platform for brands that are interested in enhancing their presence on this network.


How to create a company account on Pinterest step by step

To create a company account on Pinterest , we have three options available: create a new company account from scratch, create a company account linked to a personal account and convert a personal account into a company account.



How to create a Pinterest company account from scratch

  • Log out of your personal Pinterest account (if you have one) and go to https://www.pinterest.es/business/create/

  • Enter your email, password and age.

  • Click Create account.

  • Fill in your company profile with your profile picture, company name, website, country / region and language.

  • Click Next.

  • Select one of the options from the drop-down menu to specify your company’s focus and click Next.

  • Select the type of business and click Next.

  • Choose if you want to post ads or no and click Next.

  • Done! Now you can choose between Create a pin, Increase your audience or Present your brand, or go to your company profile on Pinterest.

How link a company account to your personal Pinterest account

This option allows you to have a company account and a personal account with the same email email and login password . This way, you can easily switch between accounts when you need to. You can link up to 4 business accounts to your personal account.

To use this option, follow these steps:

  • Log into your personal Pinterest account.

  • Click the icon in the upper right corner to open the menu.

  • Select Settings — Account Settings.

  • Under Account Changes, go to Intercompany Account and click Get Started.

  • Follow the same steps as in the previous section to fill in your profile and configure your account.

How to convert your personal account into a company profile

You can convert your personal Pinterest account into a company account and keep your pins and your followers. Also, you can return to your personal account later if you wish.

To use this option, follow these steps:

  • Log into your personal Pinterest account.

  • Click the icon in the upper right corner to open the menu.

  • Select Settings — Account Settings.

  • Under Account Changes, go to Convert Account and click Continue.

5 Tips for Marketing on Pinterest

  • Take advantage of all the features of Pinterest to encourage online purchases . Include “Shop the Look” pins, take advantage of the Shop Tab so that users can buy products directly from your Pinterest profile and use Rich Pins to provide more information about your products and include calls to action.

  • Include the pin button on your website . Even if you don’t have your own brand presence on Pinterest, it’s always a good idea to activate the Pinterest button on your page so that users can save your content and revisit it later.

  • Do SEO for Pinterest . The better positioned your pins are, the more visibility and conversions you will get. To get started, you can use a tool like Google’s keyword planner to get an idea of ​​how users search for you. Then use these keywords in your Pinterest profile, your boards, the title and description of your pins and the name of your images.

  • Find the right time and frequency . There are some general recommendations, for example, post between 5 and 30 new pins a day from 2 to 4 in the afternoon and from 8 to 11 at night. But in reality each brand is different, so I recommend that you do tests and analyze the results.

  • Check frequently your Pinterest Analytics to see how your content is working on Pinterest. For example, you can view the most popular and most engaged pins, or your audience demographics. All this information will help you refine and improve your Pinterest strategy.


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