What is the Twitter Superfollow? Feature and paid subscription

What is the Twitter Superfollow? Feature and paid subscription

Twitter brings us some very interesting changes for this year. After a long time stagnant in terms of the number of active users, this network has given a return to its monetization model with a payment option so that users can subscribe to their favorite content creators: the Superfollow . We tell you everything that is known about this and other Twitter news.

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Que es el Superfollow de Twitter Funcion y suscripcion de pago

What is the Superfollow?

During its “Analyst Day” event, Twitter announced the launch of a new paid subscription feature called Superfollow . This is the first time that Twitter has entered this world.

At the moment, several important details of Superfollow are unknown, such as the launch date. Neither has it been confirmed exactly how much this option will cost, although the screenshots shown during the event show a price of $ 4.99 per month, that is, about 4.12 euros.

Yes We know that this function will focus on generating a feeling of exclusivity and offering better content to subscribed followers, something that makes a lot of sense if we take into account the character limitations of the standard Twitter format.

Subscribed users will be able to access newsletters thanks to a collaboration between Twitter and the startup Revue, recently acquired by the social network and designed to exploit paid subscription to this type of content . The benefits of subscriptions will also include access to special discounts and communities, another of the news announced by Twitter and which we explain in more detail in the next section.

With the launch of Superfollow, Twitter is offering a very juicy incentive to influencers to create accounts and promote themselves on their network, which could potentially finally surpass the barrier of 350 million active users and give a boost to engagement. On the other hand, it is to be expected that Twitter will retain a commission for the price charged to users, which would also help it strengthen its monetization. We look forward to seeing how the Superfollow works in practice and if it manages to generate good results for Twitter.

Que es Super Follow de Twitter

Other Twitter news for 2021


Communities are another new feature announced by Twitter. Similar to Facebook groups , communities are a way to bring together interested users on the same topic so that they can chat with each other in a more private space. Thus, the content on specific topics is much more organized and does not “get lost” in the noise of the general conversation.

This function offers possibilities to be combined with the Superfollow, so that the subscribers of a creator content can access and interact with a private community, similar to what happens now with Patreon.

Safe mode

Safe mode is a new Twitter functionality that will allow users to block and silence accounts that violate the site’s coexistence policies. Thus, a kind of cleaning is done in the activity by eliminating the accounts that may be showing undesirable content. In principle, the automatic blocking will last for seven days.

At the moment we do not have much information about this feature, but it seems an attempt by Twitter to gain greater control over the community and avoid “flames “and other toxic behaviors on your network.

Twitter Spaces

Twitter Spaces has been in testing since December 2020 and its use is expected to spread throughout this year.

Twitter Spaces is a function that allows you to create voice chat rooms (similar to the new Clubhouse social network). Room creators can invite, kick, or mute users who participate in the room. The rooms can be public or private and have no capacity limit, although in principle you can only invite a maximum of 10 “speakers”.

The main differences with Clubhouse is that with Twitter Spaces you can share the link to the audio rooms through direct messages or tweets and react with emojis to what is being said in them.

In short, 2021 is going to be a year full of new features for Twitter that could get to change the use of this network and that they offer many interesting possibilities when combined with each other, from private communities to subscription podcasts. If you want to take advantage of them for your brand, don’t lose sight of this network for the next few months.

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