What is Twitter Analytics and how does it work?

What is Twitter Analytics and how does it work?

Are you considering doing Twitter Ads or increasing your organic presence on this network? If so, you need to be aware of all the metrics that move on Twitter to know what works and what doesn’t and to be able to adapt your strategies.

Fortunately, Twitter has an internal tool where we can easily find all this data. We present you Twitter Analytics .

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Que es Twitter Analytics y como funciona

Twitter Analytics: Overview Dashboards

To begin, let’s see how to use Twitter Analytics to analyze your posts and discover what content helps you generate more clicks and interactions.


Account homepage

The Account home page is like a summary where you can see the most important information at a glance. You can access it directly through analytics.twitter.com

Here you will see a monthly summary of the following indicators:

  • Tweets : the total number of tweets you have published during the selected period.

  • Impressions tweet : the number of times your tweets are shown to users in their timeline, in search results, or from your profile.

  • Profile visits : the number of times users have visited your profile.

  • Mentions : the number of times your @user was mentioned in tweets.

  • New followers : the number of new followers during the analyzed period.

  • Tweets linked to you : if you are using Twitter Website Cards or App Cards, here you can see the number of times that have been tweeted (by you or others).

  • Featured Tweet : the tweet that received the most impressions during last month.

  • Featured multimedia tweet : the tweet with photo or video that has received the most impressions.

  • Tweet with highlighted Card : the tweet with one of your Cards that has received the most impressions, either yours or from another user.

  • Highlighted mention: the tweet mentioning your @user who has received the most impressions. You can include posts from other users.

  • Featured follower: the account with the most followers that has followed you in the analyzed period .

You can get more information by selecting “View Tweet details” or “View follower”.


Tweets Activity Dashboard (TAD) and Video Activity Dashboard (VAD)

These dashboards display information about all tweets and video content you send to help you refine your strategy and improve your performance on Twitter.

By default, the TAD and VAD panels show the information for the last 28 days, but you can change the interval to analyze in the upper right corner of the panel.


You can also export the data from both panels as a CSV file, with a limit of 30 days and 3000 tweets per file.


This is the information that you can find in the activity panel of t weet:

  • Impressions and interactions of promoted and organic tweets. The metrics shown are at the tweet level and are organized based on all tweets, tweets and replies and promoted tweets.

  • Charts month-to-month performance . Here you can see information regarding both promoted and organic tweets, including details on impressions, engagement rate, link clicks, retweets, likes and responses.

  • Tweet previews and detailed engagement indicators. If you click on any of the tweets in the panel, you will see the “Tweet details” view, with data on retweets, likes, replies, etc.

In the video activity panel you will be able to see data about:

  • Retention rate : the average percentage of your video that Twitter users have seen.

  • Reproduction rate : the reproduction rate Count how many times your video plays at 50% for 2 seconds or more, or when a user clicks to expand / unmute your video. You can filter the data to see the promoted reproductions.

  • Completion rate : percentage of the audience that finishes watching your video.

Twitter Analytics: Twitter Ads analysis

In addition to the data on tweets and promoted videos that we just See, Twitter Analytics also has specific sections to analyze what is happening with your Twitter Ads campaigns.

Campaigns panel

In the panel of campaigns you will be able to find the data you need to track your advertising on Twitter Ads :

  • Impressions: the number of times your ads have been seen on Twitter.

  • Results : the directly linked actions to the objective of your campaign (for example, website clicks).

  • Engagement rate : number of impressions divided by the number of results.

  • Cost per result : the average amount you are paying for each relevant action performed by the people who see your ads.

You can segment this information according to different criteria, for example, by objectives, by specific campaigns, by specific tweets or by audience targeting criteria.


Conversion tracking

The web conversion tracking allows you to accurately measure the ROI of your Twitter Ads campaigns through the actions of users who have seen your an You have been on or interacted with Twitter.

Conversion tracking applies to all devices. For example, if a user saw your ad on their mobile device and then bought your product from their tablet, the conversion will be attributed to your campaign.

To set up conversion tracking, you have to choose your conversion tag (universal or single event), generate and install it on your website, create your attribution events and include them in your campaigns.

No need to create new conversion tags for each campaign, since the same tag can be used in several Twitter Ads campaigns.

Twitter Analytics recommends creating conversion events for different parts of the conversion funnel, segmenting your campaigns to leads, A / B testing different creatives, and including calls to action. It is also advisable to track conversions both at the campaign and tweet level.

If what you want is to track conversions in mobile applications , you will have to have a partner external mobile app conversion tracking configured in your Twitter Ads account.

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