WhatsApp marketing: how to plan a campaign that works

WhatsApp marketing: how to plan a campaign that works

Marketing makes more sense today than ever on WhatsApp. 85% of Spaniards between the ages of 16 and 65 use mobile messaging services, according to IAB Spain, and among them, WhatsApp is undoubtedly the most popular in our country. In addition, it is a strategy that many brands do not yet use, so we can take advantage of a channel with low advertising saturation. We will tell you what marketing in WhatsApp is, why you are interested and how to take advantage of its advantages.

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whatsapp marketing como planificar una campana que de resultados

What is WhatsApp marketing?

WhatsApp marketing is a digital marketing strategy that is based on the strategic use of the WhatsApp mobile application to communicate with current and potential customers of a brand.

WhatsApp marketing actions range from simple direct communication with users to sending valuable content, so it can be part of the inbound marketing strategy, customer service and even sales .

WhatsApp has an application specially designed for lan zar marketing campaigns: WhatsApp Business . This app has multiple functions specially designed to help companies communicate with customers and multiply their sales:

  • Company profile : functionality to add important information about company, such as location on Google Maps, hours, email or a link to the web.
  • Mailing lists : contact lists to send messages in bulk (from similar to mailing lists).
  • Automatic replies: automatic welcome messages, “not available” or others, that are sent every time a user writes through the chat.
  • Statistics panel on sent messages , delivered, received and read.
  • Business API : a very powerful and versatile resource, which allows, for example, to create a custom chatbot to automate interactions.

Advantages of marketing in WhatsApp

  • You get a 100% organic reach . As there are no algorithms that limit the scope of the content, you have the guarantee that your messages will always be shown to the recipients, which is not the case with publications on social networks. The result is that the visibility and the CTR of the messages are higher than in other applications.

  • You can check if your messages have been read or not . The famous “blue double check” is not only valid to speculate why your dating is not replying, but it is also a guarantee for companies that users are consuming your messages.

  • There is a wide variety of formats available . WhatsApp supports content of many types: videos, images, audios, GIFs, stickers, emoticons and, of course, text messages, as well as typical work formats such as PDF files, documents, spreadsheets and presentations. All of this allows you to communicate in creative ways with your audience.

  • The competition is still very low . There are very few companies that are developing marketing campaigns on WhatsApp yet, which means that you can get ahead and stand out. And at the same time, the potential user base is very broad.

  • Offers a web version to manage your marketing more easily. Carrying all your WhatsApp marketing campaigns from the phone can be a hassle, but thanks to the browser version, you can organize your work much more comfortably.

  • Build trust in users . In general, consumers prefer companies that offer one-to-one contact, as it creates a feeling of closeness and humanity. Therefore, marketing on WhatsApp can help you earn their trust.
  • It is a fast and direct channel to distribute strategic content , for example, offers, promotions, important news, customer service or order confirmations.

Tips for developing your marketing campaign WhatsApp marketing

1) Clearly define your goals

As with any marketing action, being clear about your goals is the essential first step to act in a coordinated manner.

Therefore, before starting your WhatsApp marketing campaign , you must answer the following questions :

  • Why am I going to do marketing on WhatsApp? (Expected benefits)

  • How am I going to use it? (For example, for customer service, during the sales process, etc.)

  • When will I use it? (During business hours, on weekends, uninterruptedly …)

  • Who am I going to contact? (Your buyer persona for WhatsApp)

2) Create a phone database

Marketing on WhatsApp involves communicate with users through their phone number, so you have to overcome a certain initial barrier (it is easier to give your email than your phone). These tricks will help you convince them:

  • Direct users to WhatsApp from your social networks and website.

  • Create exclusive offers, promotions and giveaways for this channel.

  • Offers longer customer service hours than in other channels.

3) Analyze the data from other channels

The WhatsApp Business statistics panel is useful to know the basic data, but it is not as complete as we would like. Therefore, my recommendation is that you consult the data of your email marketing and your social networks to know when users are most receptive, what type of content they would like to receive and which formats they prefer .

4) Study the type of messages that work best on WhatsApp

Although you can extrapolate some data from other channels, the truth is that instant messaging it has its own peculiarities. short, relevant and direct messages work better here.

It is also very interesting to rely on different formats of audiovisual content , such as infographics, short videos, images accompanied by explanations or even audios.

In addition, you can enrich the messages in different ways, for example, with formats such as italics or bold, personalized GIFs or emoticons.

And finally, don’t forget that you can also use WhatsApp Stories to publish content in a non-invasive way.

5) Create groups that add value

WhatsApp groups can include up to 256 people. If you create a segmented contact list, you can add the contacts to groups based on their interests (always with their consent). You can choose to limit posts to administrators only or let all users interact with each other.

6) Respond immediately and set your hours

Users expect communication on WhatsApp to be practically instantaneous , so you have to respond quickly to make a good impression. If your resources do not allow you to offer this type of service 24 hours a day, it is best to establish defined schedules and configure an automatic reply message outside of them.

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