Why is an Instagram Business profile better for your brand?

Since 2016, Instagram has experienced great growth especially in business , addressing more effectively to those who wish to increase their sales opportunities through this social network.

So over time a new algorithm was introduced, the possibility of opening business profiles s and internal ADS, all tools for the promotion of brands and their products and services.

A big news were the Instagram Stories , also with regard to the business aspect, as it allowed private and corporate accounts to reach followers more effectively through personalized images and short videos.

Today, Instagram is being used to find new customers, as it has proven to be the platform with the highest interaction rate under published content.


If you are a business or a professional and you want to use Instagram to reach new customers and increase your business through a targeted communication strategy, the first thing to do is to open a business account and take advantage of it at best.

Open an account on Instagram

The first step is, therefore, open an account on Instagram , initially it will be the basic one, for private users, then it will be necessary to make the transition to the business one to take advantage of all the useful tools to promote the own brand.

To switch to the Instagram company profile you need to connect a Facebook page , if you don’t have one, you will need to create it, as it will also be used to manage the brand’s geotag and access the ADS platform.

Take care of company profile information

The priority, after the creation of the profile, is to work at best on image communication by taking care of profile photo, biography and call-to-action which will have to lead users to click on the your company website.

Profile photo

This is acquired directly from the Facebook page connected to the account nt, it will be possible to modify it at any time. If you are a professional or a company, you can use your logo. Furthermore, it is good to choose a background color that is able to attract the attention of the public.


The biography must be concise and effective , it must describe who you are, what you do, where you are and what your direct email address is. Try creating a call to action , inserting a persuasive phrase that invites action.

The language for the biography must be written according to your target, English is still the best choice, as it is universal.

To insert the link in the bio use a tool to shorten it, this will also allow you to track real clicks, among the best are Bitly.com and goo.gl.


The photographic project is the basis of an effective communication strategy on Instagram, so you have to take care of this aspect a lot, giving space to everyday life.

The gallery has to make a great first impression on the audience, enticing them to scroll down your feed and convince them to follow you, to get this result you will have to take quality photo shots, entrusting you to someone who knows the difference between normal shots and those targeted for Instagram.

The most successful photos are those with warm colors, for the sale of a product we tend to place it in an everyday context even with the help of models and influencers, which show its characteristics in the most natural way possible.

Choosing the right hashtags

To make the most of the potential offered by Instagram try to find the right hashtags to insert in your photo or video, it can be useful to use the most popular ones to increase followers and engagement, including someone less followed but still able to bring new followers to your profile.

What are the characteristics that hashtags must have?

  • Must not be linked to more than 150,000 content
  • They must not be among those prohibited or regarded as spam
  • They must be relevant to the content posted

Leverage Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories are a tool that is also widely used by those who do business, every day you can share all the positive emphasis of your brand, show and demonstrate the usefulness of your product or service for convince the customer to approach and evaluate the purchase.

Stories also offer the possibility to analyze the results through Insight and it is possible to promote the contents in full screen, as well as take advantage of the Ads.

Collaborate with Influencers

On Instagram there are many influencers, being able to recognize those who have the necessary numbers to bring positive results to your business can be difficult, you have to be very careful.

But who are the influencers ? These are people who exploit their communication skills and who thanks to their credibility have managed to conquer many followers.

An influencer is able to effectively spread a message to their target and get engagement, for this reason if you have a business, you should consider collaborating with this figure to promote your products and services and reach new potential customers.


With the Instagram Business account it is possible to increase the popularity of the brand more effectively thanks to the many tools available and the ability to monitor the results on individual content.

It is essential to know the progress of a published photo or video because it allows you to improve the communication strategy and understand which content is most appreciated by followers.

All of these features aren’t offered by a basic profile, so if you really want to promote your brand, you’ll need to switch to Instagram Business.

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