How to be a Trending Topic or trend on Twitter What does it take to highlight a post or hastag?

How to be a Trending Topic or trend on Twitter What does it take to highlight a post or hastag?

It has surely happened to you that you post a tweet and no one reacts despite the fact that the topic we raise is interesting. Now we make some suggestions so that this does not happen to you anymore, and so you can get the most out of your tweet .

How to be a Trending Topic on Twitter

Use Techniques that Position your Tweet in Trends

Being a trend in Tweet is not by magic, for this you must follow some techniques and make some changes in your personality that will allow you to get the most out of your social network, here are some ideas that can help you:

Insert Images that Summarize your Tweet

It is verified that those tweets that have attached images generate a higher rate of engagement or loyalty, so try to create a tweet with an image every three or four text-only tweets and thus be better positioned in the feed of your followers. See how you can position your tweets with images:

When you use elongated or horizontal images they are the best to post on Twitter. If there is something you want to show in the tweet, try to be clear, that you do not need to extend it, that way it will be easier for your followers to quickly understand what your tweet is about, and so they can decide whether they want to enter to see the written information you left, reply to you, put you among their favorites or retweet you.

In the following example, you will see a tweet that has an image but it is not elongated, and for that reason several things happen:

  • The message is truncated.
  • The brand logo is cut.
  • It is not easy to distinguish what they want to communicate.

Always be positive

In the network, nobody likes to follow people who complain about everything that happens in their lives, they consider them toxic people, normally those people share things like: “very bad service here”, “heavy traffic”, “Until when will I get sick.” If you want to keep your followers loyal make an effort to contribute good things to their lives, give them things that will be of benefit to them.

Avoid confrontation

Avoid confrontation. There will always be a tweet with which you disagree, and you do not have to play blind, you can make your voice heard, but it is better that you do it with a comment that is kind . The debate is good enough, but do your best to avoid it being a fight.

Don’t take it all personally

The people behind their electronic devices believe that they are protected by anonymity, and they believe they have more strength to say things, sometimes offensive, many of those things they would never say face to face with that person. You can always stand out and be polite.

redes sociales

Take care of what you say

Be careful what you say because it could be used against you. Avoid trolling people even if you are very upset. In a moment of anger it is better to wait to think with a cool head to be able to tweet, and thus you will be avoiding confrontation.

Many people hide what they are when they are on the Internet, and they will do things that they would never dare to do in real life, that is why it is very likely that they will say offensive things in order to irritate you, scratch your reputation or claim you and thus remove also the worst of you. The best thing is that you laugh at those comments, and do not see it as something relevant to modify your actions, and in case you know the person you do not solve it there, better go and talk face to face with him.

Take care of your Brand

If you have a brand on Twitter, least of all you take the comments as something personal, People can be very angry and try to offend you about something about your product or service, but being a brand you should never respond to customers with annoyance or disrespect.

celular twitter

Remember that the problem is not with you alone, it is with the brand that you represent, and that if there are things to improve, the duty is to be humble and put hands to work so that it does not return to happen.

If you are a brand, it is also an extra means by which you can be in contact with your customers. To do this you must define your profile as a brand , that is, the values ​​that will characterize you, see with what tone you will communicate, if it is a friendly or more formal tone, and from there build your history.

The objective of the networks is that you can be in constant contact with clients or potential clients . If you are a person, it gives you a springboard to convey your ideas, ways of seeing things and sharing topics that attract a lot of attention.

These suggestions are just some of the things that will make you trend online.

Trending topic is a term coined by Twitter when editing your profile to refer to the most used keywords on the social network during a certain period of time. How do Trending Topics work on Twitter ?

How Trending Topic Works on Twitter

It is a concept related to trends and fashion topics, which everyone is talking about at any given moment, the trends or TT on Twitter are determined by an algorithm. Identify the topics that are popular at any given time.

Instead of topics that were popular for a while or daily , in order to help discover the latest discussion topics that are emerging on Twitter.

How do trending topics work on Twitter?

Speak or hashtag. This does not become a trend because of the volume of use, but because of its popularity at a given time an escalation strategy is recommended , instead of publishing all the messages at once. The goal of a TT is to stay in the TOP 10 for several hours.

You can use influencers or a contest and take advantage of that initial push to spread the message to other users of the network from there, the key is that the content is good enough for them users can continue participating and contributing.

Competition is another key when it comes to being Trending Topic on Twitter. Often times, the top positions on the charts are occupied by news events such as political announcements, events and TV shows.

What Hashtag to use

The content, and especially the hashtag, is the determining factor of success. It has to be oriented to be social and organic , the hashtag does not have to be about the brand, but it has to represent it. Therefore, it is much better to use #MyBestTrip than # ViajesMartínezR.

This way, users will see the hashtag and are more likely to share their experience. When users they enter to see the hashtag, it is very likely that your tweet is among the first. And it will have a lot of visibility.

As for the length, it is better to have between 10 and 21 characters. This does not affect the algorithm, but it does affect the reading and understanding of users, where by the way you can share your WhatsApp status, that is, on Twitter

In addition to the hashtag, the rest of the message has to motivate users to interact, especially the community in the company’s account and they are the first to see your message and they’re the ones that will make sure it starts to get louder, so keep that in mind.

After some time, don’t be afraid to give up and replace the hashtag. As we have said, although the volume of mentions is maintained, Twitter will favor new conversations that arise.

Things you should not do

You can’t Tweet the same thing over and over again without adding new information or content. Twitter sees this as spam , and Twitter can penalize you for it.

You can’t take advantage of a hashtag on another topic and try to make it yours. There is no problem with the post especially if it is related, but Twitter can suspend accounts that take advantage of the conversation and try to change it, never buy followers, comments or the like.

And it doesn’t hurt to remember that of course, no insults, hateful comments, or sexual content and references.

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