How to block someone on Twitter from seeing my posts How to unblock someone again?

How to block someone on Twitter from seeing my posts How to unblock someone again?

Twitter is one of the most famous social networks today . This social network has grown with great momentum since its launch . In the same way, the number of people belonging to the group formed by our renowned blue bird continues to increase.

Now, this has brought an immense amount of positive characteristics to today’s society. One of these characteristics worth mentioning: The creation of a unifying platform that allows all its users to be informed instantly.

It is a clear reality that Twitter is perhaps the most effective social network when it comes to obtaining all kinds of information immediately and in a timely manner. It does not matter if they are news, global trends or simply an interaction Direct with the most important celebrities and public figures.

The ability to share information in just a few seconds . The ability to unite a significant number of people within a single account (everyone can follow an account without restrictions). Among other relevant features.

However, with all the freedom that this implies, just as this social network attracts good consequences, these are also accompanied by its counterpart .

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In this way, the birth of Twitter accounts awakened a group of people with disruptive tendencies. In this social network there are always those users who are annoying or can post things that are not to our liking.

These types of people take advantage of public accounts and contact them to bully, insult or defame.

Especially when our username becomes known. And it is that anyone who knows him, no matter if he follows us or not, will be able to communicate with us without difficulty.

When this type of interaction is too exaggerated as in the case of spam , it can become quite annoying

Thanks to these individuals who are dedicated to these negative aspects, Twitter has had to create a way to stop them. This way of stopping unpleasant users is to “Block” anyone who is bothering us.

We cannot deny that one of the options that sooner or later we end up using is blocking . No matter what social network it is, we always end up using that option at least once.

So in this tutorial we are going to see how to block a person on Twitter in a matter of seconds. It is a fairly simple little guide for you to learn how to block someone on Twitter. Any account that you don’t like or don’t want to see your posts can be blocked.

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Now, in case we have blocked someone but need to contact him in some way, this process is reversible.

If this is your case and you need to learn how to unblock another user on Twitter . By following the information that we will give below, you can do it quickly and easily.

In this way it won’t take more than 5 minutes to unblock any user.

But what does this imply? Through this article we will completely clarify that question, as well as all those that may derive from it

How to Block Someone on Twitter For Always

How to Block someone on Twitter?

  • The first thing we are going to do is go to Twitter and go to the profile of the person we want to block.
  • You can search for it through the search engine or if it follows you from your list of followers.
  • If you look next to the ‘Follow’ icon, we find another icon that is shaped like a bust. Click on it to display a menu with several options.
  • Among all these options we find the possibility to ‘Block’ or ‘Report’. Here you can choose the one you think is the most convenient, we are going to follow this tutorial with ‘Block’.
  • If you look at the button that said ‘Follow’ now it says Blocked ‘. That means that the user was effectively blocked and they will not be able to interact again in any way.

Can a person find out that he was blocked on twitter?

You have to bear in mind that Twitter has a very transparent policy regarding the issue of blocking between users. Therefore, the blocked user will not receive any kind of notification that informs about the blocking.

However, unlike other social networks, you will immediately find out about the blocking if you try to enter your profile, as you will get a warning that will inform you that will not be able to see your tweets or follow you. >.

So, unless the user decides to enter your profile directly , the blocking action will be kept completely secret.

A blocked contact on twitter disappears from my followers?

In the event that the blocked user follows you, it will stop doing so automatically the moment you block it. So his account will be removed from your list of followers. Likewise, if you follow him, you will stop doing the same thing.

The same thing happens with the lists of both users. With which, added to the previous point, practically any kind of contact between the two will be broken .

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Can a blocked Twitter follower contact me through that social network?

Even if he mentioned you in a tweet, you won’t see that mention. Also, will be unable to retweet your posts, even when viewed by another user.

On the other hand, if a person you follow RT a tweet of a user you have blocked, you will only be able to see that specific tweet. Unless it is clearly a private profile from Twitter.

Obviously locks are not forever , nor does it mean that at some point they expire. But whenever you want you can unlock that person without much trouble.

How to Unblock a User on Twitter

Steps to Follow to Unblock Another User on Twitter

As you might expect, the first step to be able to unblock someone on Twitter is logging into your personal account . Once you have entered your email address or username and your password, you will have accessed this platform from your account.

Now, within your Twitter account, you will have to search for the user who has blocked . In order to do this you will have to access the Twitter search engine and write the name of the blocked user. Thus, accessing the profile of the person that you had previously placed on your blacklist of users.

Now, the Twitter platform will show you this contact indicating that it has been blocked by your personal account. If you really want to remove this contact from your block list, you will simply have to slide the mouse over the button where it says ‘Blocked’.

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After clicking on it, it will automatically turn into a button that says ‘Unlock’. In this way, if you click on the ‘Unblock’ button this contact will automatically be able to have contact with you again. And in the same way, you can contact him again.

It is necessary to add that said user will never be notified that you performed this procedure.

And voila! You already know how to unblock any user that you have placed on your block list within Twitter.

What happens if you Block Someone in Twitter

The good thing about social networks is that although many people do not know how to use them or have no manners. They are still an excellent tool to reach a good number of people in a short time and with little effort.

Unfortunately there are also people who do not know how to respect others and who force us to take this kind of extreme measures where we have to end up blocked someone on Twitter.

But with this tutorial where we make it quite clear how to block a person on Twitter, surely said user will never be a nuisance again.

Remember that in case you have any kind of doubt about how to block a user on Twitter. You can leave it in the comments that you can find a little below.

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