How to delete or delete all my old Twitter tweets in bulk or one at a time

How to delete or delete all my old Twitter tweets in bulk or one at a time

Twitter is one of the most popular social networks today, as it is full of necessary information and others that are not so much.

Be that as it may, Twitter has a high popularity and although is not in all its splendor , at the beginning of it we loved the application and the same platform.

With it over time we may realize that what we shared on this network was something shameful. So today we decide to delete absolutely all our tweets and why not start over on this social network?

The truth is that there is no reason not to However, there are many people who don’t know how to delete all their tweets.

So if are you thinking of deleting all Tweets from your Twitter account , but you don’t want to lose all your followers? You have come to the right place.

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Lately many Twitter users have chosen to try other content, radically . In such a way, they turn 180 degrees and find it necessary to delete all their Tweets.

Some choose to close the account and create a new one with another email, But this would mean starting over in this social network.

If you are one of those people, don’t worry, in this article we will teach you how to delete all your tweets from So simple and fast, that you won’t even remember how you did it.

So if i don’t want to lose all your followers stay, that throughout this entire article we will show you the different ways you have on hand to delete all your Tweets .

Also, the messages and the personality of the brand can change over time , so a tweet you made two years ago may now seem blatantly inappropriate.

How to Delete / Delete All Tweets from my Twitter?

Should I ever delete a Tweet?

There are days when we get a visceral reminder in the news that some old tweets that should not have been posted, can reappear at the worst time.

But yes You are just starting to use this social network l it is normal for you to make mistakes.

Here we present some ways to prevent malicious tweets from being published in the first place place and what to do if one goes through the cracks.

While the process of removing a tweet is simple (see the instructions nes below), your social team shouldn’t delete posts from left to right. Your Twitter account should be a useful and fun resource for your followers.

If you delete a post that they have preferred or retweeted, then you are damaging your own online presence . Plus, you don’t want to give the impression that your brand thinks you can only sweep mistakes under the rug.

Here are some examples of where to delete your Twitter posts it is probably the correct course of action. As with any social media problem, these are not hard and fast rules, but rather general guidelines for most companies in most industries.

Keep my content private

It’s been a while since we’ve seen a high-profile Twitter user accidentally tweeting something that is supposed to be a private message.

Tweets are public and people are likely to view them as representatives of both a person and a company. Do not share personal information in a public forum.

Please be aware Note that private content may not be the result of a formatting error. Many companies need to carefully protect information about their customers , their R&D and their employees.

Consider the following confidential information that should definitely be removed immediately:

  • Telephone numbers.
  • Social Security numbers .
  • Email addresses.
  • Banking information.
  • Similar to privacy, another error that appears is a tweet destined for someone’s personal account that appears under the control of an employer . These are tweets that have nothing to do with work and should be removed as soon as possible from the feed to avoid confusion.

    In that sense, although many tweets go through the Many people’s approval, sometimes your social team will want to spontaneously jump into marketing tweets in real time. This approach has a high probability of success when done with grace and tact.

    But every now and then, letting go of the bracelet leads to a tweet that is too far removed from your message. central. If you tweet something that is potentially controversial or insulting in an effort to be funny and timely, then it’s best to cut your losses and delete the tweet.

    twitt wipe logo

    How to delete a Tweet?

    If you discover that an errant tweet has been activated, deleting it is simple, just follow the steps below:

    • In the source of your identifier tweets.
    • Click on the one that goes to the trash.
    • In the lower left corner of the tweet, you will see an ellipse.
    • Click on those three dots , then choose the final option, “Delete Tweet”.
    • If you are on Twitter in a web browser.
    • You can also view the ellipsis to get more options directly from your feed, no need to click.
    • However, on some third-party Twitter clients. You will have to navigate to the individual tweet to delete it.

    Steps and Options to Delete all Tweets from an account

    It is extremely important Warn you that after these processes there is no going back, there will be no way to recover what you deleted, because you cannot save a backup copy of all your Tweets.

    Twitter as such does not allow you to delete all your tweets at once, that is the reason why you are going to go to the web in search of applications that allow you to carry out your task.

    Next t and we present three applications through which you can delete all the tweets from your account:

    How to use TwitWipe to delete all the tweets from your account?

    Through this TwitWipe web page, which you can enter through any computer, you can delete all the tweets from your account , it is the most used way and the most popular. Follow the following steps to use it:

    Step 1: First Selection

    Once you are inside the TwitWipe page you must select the option Sign in with Twitter this is analogous to the option “Login to Twitter”, you must put your username or email and your password, in this way you will log in to the page , and you would give access to your account.

    Step 2: Authorize the application

    At the moment of logging in, an application authorization pop-up window will be displayed, where it will explain the things that you will authorize it to do and various other things.

    pantalla pc cabecera twitter

    Step 3: Delete your Tweets

    After this the same application will redirect you to its main page, there you will click on “Star Wiping” of this In this way you will agree to delete all your tweets.

    After logging in, the application will direct us to its official site again, a pop-up window will appear.

    For security reasons, another window will open again, the page will ask you again if you are sure to delete all your Tweets , since as we mentioned before, there is no going back, if you give it “I’m sure” will begin to delete all the publications you have in your account.

    It is likely that will take a little time in the elimination process that is why you must have pac Science.

    Although it may not seem like it, this website is often used too much and many users at that precise moment may find themselves doing the same as you.

    So that you should wait for the process to complete with patience, it may take a few minutes.

    This is one of the fastest and most efficient ways to delete your tweets.

    What steps should I follow to delete all the tweets from my account with TweetDelete?

    In the event that the previous method has not worked for some reason , TweetDelete is another option, because it presents the same access method, by logging in with your username and password.

    Once you have logged into the page it will take you to your profile, where you can select which are the Tweets you want to delete. This is the great particularity of this page, since, in the event that you want to delete any publication, it deletes it immediately.

    If you want to delete all your Tweets you must have a maximum of 3200 posts to automatically delete all profile posts. Let’s see step by step how to enter and use this tool:

    Step 1: Go to the Official page

    Go to the official page from this . It is a completely free service, does not require any general specification or special permission.

    Step 2: Accept the Terms

    Before logging in, it is appropriate that check the box accept the terms and conditions of use, if you want to read them to be completely sure that your account will not be hacked, you can access them in a link that will appear next to the box.

    If you are sure, select the box and proceed to the next step.

    Step 3: Login

    Then you will have to login by clicking on the box called “Sign in Wiith Twitter”.

    Step 4: Authorize the Application

    You will get a box that will say “Authorize the application” This will allow for legal reasons that the page can access your Twitter account in a safe and legal way.

    Step 5: Good Software

    This software allow u You determine the publications that will be eliminated through a period of time, which has been going on for a week, up to a year.

    Step 6: Don’t forget to check this box

    Once you have determined the publications that will be deleted for the pre-established period of time, you must check the box next to where it says “ Delete all my existing tweets “which means“ Delete all tweets ”.

    Step 7: Uncheck this other box

    It is important that make sure that the box where in English it says “ Post to my feed ” which means “Post on my wall ”is disabled or unchecked. If you delete it while it is marked, TweetDelete will publish on your behalf that you have used their service .

    In addition, if you do not want to follow them, You must uncheck the box that says Follow TweetDelete.

    Step 8: Activate the Last Box

    Once you have checked the boxes you must click on “Activate TweetDelete”, then the program will start running and will begin to delete all the posts by default for the agreed period of time from our profile.

    Step 9: Go to Applications

    This last step is important, to be sure that no one will have access to your account, you should go to this address once the removal process is finished

    There you will find all the applications that have access to your account, look for TweetDelete and press ‘Revoke access’ , which will completely disable the link of the page with your account.

    nombre con logo twitter

    How can I delete my tweets with the Tweet Deleter application?

    Another option that we offer you is this page, Since, although it uses the same way of logging in, it has a quality search engine.

    This allows you to search for the Tweet you want to delete, in addition you can go through several filters your search until you find the publication you are looking for

    Remember that after doing this process and deleting all your publications, you will be deleting months and even years of publications, which you will not be able to recover.

    For many companies, almost all tweets include a process aimed at making the post s be as perfect as possible: in the brand, in the message and in the destination.

    A unique 140 character statement receives information from social media, marketing, design and perhaps even legal experts within your business.

    But sometimes even the best laid plans go awry and a tweet gets posted that shouldn’t be shared. After all, your social media team is only human, and even the most polished professionals occasionally make mistakes.

    How to Delete / Delete Tweets on Twitter? Quick and Easy

    Other Applications to Delete your Tweets

    However, in addition to this web page there are many others which are also recommended many others.

    These pages will ask you to enter in the same way, with your username, password and when you are already inside, you can delete the tweets with peace of mind.

    As are the applications that we have presented in this post, another very popular that is recommended for their quality and the services they offer, is Tweeteraser.

    Do you know any other application? Tell us.

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