How to have, open and use several Twitter accounts on the same mobile

How to have, open and use several Twitter accounts on the same mobile

Are you one of those people who manage multiple Twitter accounts for certain purposes? Do you want to know how to have two Twitter accounts on the same mobile?

Well, whether for personal, commercial or official use, it is quite common to have several accounts on this social network , you have to consider that this is a tutorial that many users usually ask us for, and the truth is that as far as possible, as always, we try to respond.

The truth is that fortunately for a time it is possible to enjoy two Twitter accounts on the same smartphone, and not only by using a cloning app, but also by taking advantage of the characteristics of this social network.

It is so frequent, generally in companies, that it has become a necessity to find a way to manage them quickly and easily, especially for those who consider time as money, since logging in and out several times a day It can get tedious.

There’s no reason to be mortified e, there is a way to do it from your mobile in less than five minutes! Be it an Android device or an iPhone.

The official Twitter application allows the simultaneous use of two or more user accounts, there is no need to download applications , unofficial external programs or services to do so. Did you know that it is actually quite simple?

So if you have been wondering how to manage your different Twitter accounts. Today we want to teach you how to do it? regardless of the mobile, in the simplest and fastest way possible.

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Recommendations when using several Twitter accounts on the same mobile

An interesting fact is that accompanying this option to manage different accounts, also we have a useful tool to never get confused and make the mistake of posting something to the wrong account.

By posting any tweet we can be confident that We will not confuse our accounts, since, just above what we are writing is our username, indicating which account is being used.

Now we can monitor, see and respond to everything important that is happening in our different Twitter accounts, without missing a single direct message, mention or tweet of someone we follow.

We can easily access conversations, upload photos and participate in chats . It is not necessary to change accounts to see all the notifications on the mobile, since we can see the alerts of all our accounts.

And in turn, these describe to which account belongs to, identifying and separating the interactions on our screen.

Without a doubt, this will simplify your life and will reduce in an incredible way the time you dedicate to attend your different accounts of Twitter in your iPhone.

In see how to do it we want to tell you how to proceed in each of these cases, so that you avoid all the problems in this regard. So stay and find out!

How to use multiple Twitter accounts on the same Android phone?

Well, with that said, we are going to teach you then how to have two Twitter accounts on the same mobile in two tutorials of 5 simple steps each, so that you can choose the one that suits you.

In the first method we will do it without additional software, in We will do the second method with the help of a program, we are obviously talking about App Cloner, an application that we recommend you download, if you want to duplicate applications on your smartphone.

So when you start using it you can have two Twitter accounts on the same smartphone, then we present the two procedures.

From the official Twitter application

The only thing you will need is your smartphone , the Twitter application for iPhone and the multiple accounts that you manage.

  1. The first thing we must do in case of not Having it installed, is to download the Twitter application on your mobile . To our advantage, it is completely free.
  2. We must enter the App Store , and click on the “Search” bar, type “Twitter” and start the search.
  3. Click on the application, when it opens it will show us the option to download.
  4. It is then that we click on ¨ Install¨ , and we wait patiently for our download to reach one hundred percent.
  5. Now that we have our application downloaded on the mobile is when we begin to configure our accounts.
  6. For this we enter the upper menu. When we touch the icon of our Twitter profile on the left side we will notice three points in the upper right part, known as the “More” icon .
  7. When we do so we will notice that we now have options to create a new account or add the different accounts that we have.
  8. By clicking on “ Add account ” two bars will immediately appear to fill in information.
  9. The first tells us to write our phone number, email or the name of our account.
  10. The second tells us to enter the password corresponding to the account we want add.

As simple as that, we can add as many Twitter accounts as we have, there is no limit number for it. When we want, we can change accounts in this application without the need to log in and log out hundreds of times a day .

Using App Cloner

  1. Install the App Cloner application.
  2. Open App Cloner and click on the “installed applications” section,
  3. Select the Twitter application
  4. Configure the options to duplicate, such as the name and color of the application
  5. With the app already duplicated, access it in either of the two accounts from the applications directory

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How to Switch Accounts Once Added

It’s even easier than adding accounts. You just have to perform the following steps:

  1. Enter the upper menu, we can touch the icon of our profile once more, to finally click on the additional profile icon smaller, next to the “More” icon.
  2. In this way we can now tweet in the account we want either by entering one, or to make it easier, choosing which account you want publish.
  3. To do so, we must press the button “Write a new tweet “, in the upper centered area of ​​the screen, where we can see our Nickname or username.
  4. By clicking there, the options that we have seen recently will be displayed immediately, to publish from any of the other accounts. Being in the part of “Accounts” we can choose in which we want to publish.
  5. To save the changes, we press the “Accept” button and return to where we were writing before. There we will notice that we have changed account when we notice that the username is no longer the same.

How to Separate a Twitter Account that was Added Previously

You no longer want the account you added before to continue to appear as an option to switch to the one you are using ?

Luckily we are not resigned to having a user account that we no longer want to use, present on our mobile every time we use Twitter, it is possible to get rid of it whenever we want.

We can achieve this just by logging out from the configuration menu. Always taking into consideration that by doing this we are not deleting the account, we are only unlinking it, making it disappear from our Twitter .

How to Manage Multiple Twitter Accounts on an iPhone

Can I synchronize the data of my different Twitter accounts?

Now, can we join or group our multiple accounts to that when we publish something in one, do it also in the others?

This option is not available for iPhone, or any other device at the moment. Neither is the option to migrate data from one account to another.

Remember that Twitter allows you to manage several accounts simultaneously, but we can only access one account at a time . The synchronization option is available for other platforms such as facebook.

So what we tweet, the messages we reply to, or the posts we “like” are data that only one account will handle at a time.

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Any other questions you have about it, don’t stop Consult us so that we can give you a hand in this regard.

Are you already enjoying your two Twitter accounts on the same mobile with this trick?

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