How to learn to use Twitter correctly on mobile or PC from the beginning

How to learn to use Twitter correctly on mobile or PC from the beginning

Twitter is one of the largest, if not the largest social network that currently exists in the world along with Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp. This network gives you the opportunity to share your opinions with users who follow you and of course, with the general public.

From messages to photos and videos, Twitter allows us read people’s opinions and, in turn, they see ours, in the form of text or multimedia content.

Being so relevant today today , most people know how to handle this application, although we understand that there is also a large group that does not know how to use it and that undoubtedly wants to use this great social network.

If you are part of that group that still does not fully know the use of this platform, today we are going to teach you how to use Twitter , defining some words or concepts that every good Twitter user You must know.

Learning to use Twitter step by step

The first thing you must do to use Twitter is create an account, yes, something is extremely Simple and that you can do just using your email and a password that you provide. You can also customize your profile to your liking , entering a header image and a profile photo that identify you.

Once inside the main interface of the page you will not be able to get lost, because on the right side you have the option to register in a button, and if you already have an account, you will be able to log in by entering your respective data.

To register you can also enter the specific URL directly, which is “” , and you can copy and paste it in your navigation bar.

How to easily Tweet on twitter

Twitter is mainly characterized by the ability to, through a tweet, write and publish a message of less than 140 characters, with which we can express ourselves freely on the platform; of course, without displaying content not suitable for all ages.

You can compose a tweet by writing in the white box that appears at the top of the page. In this block you can also upload some photos and videos, as well as link the URL of some post or address anywhere on the Internet.

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What happens with the followers and followed on Twitter

If we check our Twitter profile we can see that there are both followers and followed, these associated with our tastes and that of the people who follow us.

The followers are the people who can read your tweets and the followed are the people to whom you read or share the tweets.

Gaining followers on Twitter is not something to write home about, so you can implement various organic strategies on the Internet and that you can even find on our own portal.

Private Chat and Retweet

Another of the advantages of Twitter is the chat it has. You can speak through private tweets that your followers can see, or through a private chat that has the same App.

You have the possibility to share with your followers, the ideas or messages of someone that you follow by retweeting or RT to your message and thus put it on your wall .

Tags or #Hashtags

One of the most used functions on Twitter is the use of tags or of #Hashtags to personalize and classify your messages or photos and thus filter them on the net. This aspect is one of the most important in terms of how to use Twitter today, where we can know what the current trends are through these filters.

There are tags that receive a high amount of rt’s, when this happens it is possible that these tags become trends, which means that your message will have a greater reach among all users.

News, ‘Likes’ and Mentions

Knowing how to use Twitter has a benefit giant if you like to find out about all kinds of news and / or data , as its platform has specialized in spreading news instantly through professional or amateur accounts; Of course, this depending on the content you follow.

The ‘likes’ are elements that are also quite interesting, because you can highlight them by giving them I like them next to the retweet button. Also, if we want to comment, we can do it with another tweet below the original, right there it will give you the option.

Another thing that Twitter allows you to do is mention your friends or any account in a tweet so that this person, even though they don’t follow you, can see the mention.

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Twitter: An Informational Tool

Many users use Twitter to find out about all the events that happen in the world, having a huge variety of information at hand just a few clicks away.

There is everything type of content in this social network, the intention is to follow the things that you like the most so that you always have information of your preference at your start.

Anyone; Without exception, you can create an account in the social network of the blue bird and use it, some even use more accounts or create accounts to promote businesses, a strategy in the world of digital marketing that can generate excellent results.

Twitter has become a tool used by millions of people worldwide, a significant and unstoppable flow of information at every moment keeps us abreast of what is happening in today’s world, and yes, on any subject.

From information about news events to simple humorous content , Twitter is a universe of especially textual content, which can enchant all types of users.

Many seek to have a greater number of followers every day , something that makes sense, because we all like that more people observe our opinions and thus, I don’t know, maybe feel famous … or simply contribute some entertainment and / or knowledge to society.

Twitter is a very popular and easy-to-use social network, where celebrities from the world of arts, sports and politics make themselves known to the crowds. We also use this network to keep up with everything that is happening at the moment.

How to start using Twitter

It is important to use it well if you want your presence in it is relevant, so you have to follow certain rules. Here are simple recommendations to optimize your Twitter profile, make the most of your tweets and generate followers.

The best tips for beginners on Twitter

Follow the tips that we will give you below and you will be successful on Twitter.

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Optimizing your Profile step by step

First of all , have a name single and clear user, for example the username @ edgar83vega14tj or @ carmen19victorialachica are complicated and unprofessional usernames. While @rosaperez or @edgarvegalara clearly understand each other.

Remember that your presence on Social Networks says a lot about you . This is true since many employers are checking the accounts of their interviewees before proceeding to hire them.

And buyers or users also check the social networks of the brands before consuming them. Take advantage of the space in the bio to highlight your skills , services , products or what makes you unique.

Very important is to place the link on your website or blog, and if it is relevant to you or your business, you must also specify your location. Be careful with your images: Make yourself recognizable with a profile photo where you can clearly see your face or your brand logo.

A negative effect would have a profile with a cover image pixelated, a complicated username, a description that does not highlight personal or brand strengths. Nobody trusts accounts with profile photos that are not understood at first glance and pixelated cover photos.

Take advantage of your Tweets

Adding an image is recommended to your tweet since they appear in the timeline of people and attract more attention. Take the time to interact on Twitter with your followers and with the accounts of the people you follow . You can improve this by adding interesting comments to the content they are producing, or by chatting with other users.

Ideally, it is always direct to your page, but from time to time you can link to other sites where you have found relevant content for your account, and that may be of value to your followers.

On the other hand, don’t be afraid of humor and showing your personality. This helps to connect and brings you closer to the audience and if you are a brand, it humanizes you. In the same way, include personal tweets where you share some detail that is worthwhile from your day to day, or from behind the scenes of the company.

Get others involved

Don’t be a robot, remember that Twitter is a two-way street: answer, thank retweets , and bookmark other people’s tweets . Do not forget that this star is the way to say “I like” in this social network.

Also take the opportunity to join the conversation using relevant hashtags and monitoring trends to find out which are the most talked about topics of the moment. Tweet interesting questions so that your followers feel compelled to respond and thus generate conversation.

Try to retweet one or another valuable mention they have made to you, instead to retweet each one you receive . Your profile should not show more retweets than your own tweets.

Last but not least, as a tool to get your audience to engage with your account, contests are very effective. Put a prize that is striking for your followers, establish a hashtag to identify and monitor your contest. This can make you gain more followers.

For those who are starting in the social network it is very easy to be successful if we follow these basic tips. Only then can you enjoy this social network and you can have good results in your business and your personal image.

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