How to use or use Twitter for business or business What is Twitter for business?

How to use or use Twitter for business or business What is Twitter for business?

Today the use of social networks is essential for everyone, initially it was thought that social networks were only to spend a leisure time, when you had nothing to do.

But over time they have been making their way to many places , since you can use them as they were originally intended, just for leisure, until now you can earn money with them.

Whether you have a company and you promote it, as you can use other tools either to make extra money or as a way to earn money for your monthly expenses.

This time we are going to talk about a social network that you already know and have used, we are talking about Twitter, many people use it to see stories, threads and others, but some large entrepreneurs use it to help grow plus your company.

Due to its methodology of using short messages to generate a more personalized and concise contact with its users, Twitter is one of the most influential social networks for companies since its appearance in 2006.


In addition to its platform and basic official page, there are several applications that can help companies manage the different Twitter accounts that your company may have (Customer Service, Information, Marketing accounts, among others). Here we recommend five.

What are the Best Applications to Manage Twitter Accounts for Businesses

TweetDeck, will help you customize all your business accounts that you have

Until its acquisition by Twitter in 2011, TweetDeck was a standalone application that had its versions for smart equipment and for desktop and laptop computers, but can still be used in its web version.

TweetDeck is a fantastic tool that can help you customize your business accounts so that you can see the most relevant information, all on the same screen. With it you can:

  • Add custom trending pages, notifications, main wall, direct messages.
  • Manage multiple accounts without having to open them in multiple tabs or browsers on your computer.
  • Customize them with themes and colors that you like.
  • Create filters to better manage the information.

As it is not necessary to download any app or extension, you can enter directly from the official TweetDeck page. You only need to enter your username and your Twitter password (or the accounts that you are going to manage), and voila!

TweetCaster will be very useful if what you need is to publish from your cell phone

Unlike TweetDeck, talking about the TweetCaster app or official page is a great option for mobile devices. It is characterized by being easy to use, customizable, and very complete.

Additionally, TweetCaster allows you to install widgets and post on Facebook . So from that moment on you can realize that it will help you a lot, since you use several applications at the same time. You can also customize the notifications.

Other functions include Smart Filters , the “Magnifier” option to find specific content from notifications, posts from you and other users, and direct messages, and store stories to read later.

Currently, TweetCaster is available to download on iOS devices so if you have one of them you can easily manage it from the comfort of wherever you are.

Now if you have the Android operating system, don’t worry that TweetCaster is also available to download on Android. So as you can see, if whatever the operating system you have, you can use it

descargar ios android

Hootsuite a platform that is too easy to use

Hootsuite is one of the longest-lived and recommended options for managing Tweeter at a business and professional level. Created in 2008, Hootsuite allows managing more than 30 social networks; including Twitter.

The Hootsuite platform differs by having a greater amount of data analysis and measurement tool , in addition to having a blog and an academy to learn how to manage Twitter and RRSS accounts.

The detail to consider? Hootsuite is a paid tool, and it only has a 30-day free trial. After using this test, Hootsuite offers you different payment plans adapted to your specifications (Professional, Team, Business).

Hootsuite is an exceptional paid tool that deserves an investment for all the tools and plug-ins it offers, plus it can also be used on mobile devices.

It has its own section to download in the Google Play Store in case you have an Android, as well as to download in iTunes, in case you have an iPhone, both have multiple applications.

UberSocial, you can use it in two ways, free or paid

UberSocial is an application to download on Android and iOS devices that also allows you to manage multiple business accounts on Twitter. It has a free version and a paid version which has no advertising.

One of the most relevant features when you download UberSocial is the low data consumption it has, in addition to being a or light option if you are looking not to use too much space in your telephone. It also doesn’t use a lot of battery power, so you can use your gear for much longer.

bajo consumo datos

Owly for Twitter will make your job so much easier that you won’t believe it

The most recent of the applications in this publication, Owly is a very complete and lightweight Twitter app that takes customization to another level.

Owly allows you to customize each of the tabs and options to your multiple Twitter accounts, so will make your work easier. Although Owly is currently only available for download on Android devices.

Additionally, allows you to customize the UI , allowing you to choose a Performance Mode, which is lighter and allows you to better view your content, or a more personalized way.

The internet is full of solutions and tools that will allow you to improve your work with your Twitter accounts for Business, and these are five of the best. Review them and evaluate which of these suits your tastes and needs.

Social networks are a good source of business , due to the large number of users who use them on a daily basis. Twitter has more than 326 million active users who read and share various content of interest. In this post we show you How to use Twitter for Business to promote your business online.

This issue shows that using social media results in excellent opportunities to achieve greater recognition and popularity in the business world. Twitter provides you with leads, web traffic, and of course, new customers.

It is necessary to get to know this platform called Twitter to know how to use it and how to obtain good results. Twitter is known for being a social network in which messages of about 140 characters are sent and published . You also receive updates that other contacts have made.

Using this medium you have the possibility of sharing photos, links, videos and everything is unlimited. Thanks to this, there is the opportunity for anyone to be the creator of various content.

When you give “follow for follow” (you follow and other users follow you) you get access to all the information offered by a user’s profile. This makes Twitter like a network in which information is continually exchanged.

Best of all, you can use all these tools to grow your business. Now we will explain how to have a greater recognition of your company .

Twitter for Business – How to Use Twitter for Business? Promote your Business Online

This way you can use Twitter to advertise your Company and grow faster

Twitter offers many features that will help your business grow little by little . Among them:

  • Increase your business online and offline.
  • Being able to reach the largest number of users.
  • Enlarge both the messages and the guarantee of the actions carried out by your company.
  • Establish a specific means to carry out all customer service.
  • Establish an Online Community that is competent for your company.

crecer empresa rapidamente

Why use Twitter for your Business? What are the benefits for me and my company?

  • Using Twitter will allow you to more views of your content and this will result in the presence of new customers.
  • As it is a platform where people express themselves freely, you can see what really interests people. In this way you will perceive what will be the best methods to make the necessary publicity and attract the largest number of customers to your company.
  • Paying attention to all user opinions and comments will help you avoid making mistakes when promoting and promoting your company. In case of presenting a problem, you will be able to identify it in time and be able to transmit concise information to your customers.
  • On Twitter you can reach the largest number of people in all parts of the world. There are marketing specialists, entrepreneurs, professionals from various areas, adolescents, etc. So spreading your company will make you have more opportunities to reach business
  • Twitter is excellent when you have created a When you share the articles that you blog, you are advertising the Blog and as a consequence you get visits.
  • Because it is such a popular social network, Twitter can be located or positioned super easy in Google . When your users want to take a look at your company, the account you created on Twitter will immediately appear (even if it doesn’t have many Followers).

How to Promote Your Company & Get More Recognition with Twitter step by step

  • You must create an account for your company on Twitter. Complete it completely to make a good impression.

mayor numero personas

  • Put a photo on the cover that will impress everyone who sees it. Take advantage of all the space that Twitter offers you to capture the attention of users and thus get “Followers”. To give you an idea, the cover size is 1500 by 500 px.
  • Post photos, videos and all information that your website or blog advertises. Select and share quality content that makes you get Followers of your company. The fact that users give “Retweet” is synonymous with achieving more diffusion of your company.
  • Stay active, post Tweets every day. The success of Twitter is having or being able to get Followers who interact with you, either by sending you messages, retweeting something or commenting on a post. The important thing is to create a Community on Twitter.
  • There is a tool called “Tweriod”, with them you will be able to know at what time of the day the most users are active on twitter. In those moments, stand out by sharing news or starting conversations. It is important to thank your followers for all the mentions they make to you, you will show that you value those who share your content.
  • You can start following companies similar to yours that have Twitter accounts, this will allow you to see how they interact with their Followers. You will be able to capture certain tips that will help you with your account.
  • In case they talk about you in a publication and you are not mentioned, respond with positive comments. Start following those people and you will show that you care about their opinion of you.
  • Create some Networking to get some business connection, conduct business, disseminate various information and get clients
  • Highlight all the benefits of your company, capture people’s attention and achieve greater recognition.

conseguir mayor numero followers

As a last recommendation: Be careful what you Post, learn to use it only professionally

  • Because your account is based on a company, posting content from your personal life IS NOT A GOOD IDEA . You just have to use that corporate profile to spread content that makes mention of your company.
  • It is important to be aware of the spelling. The absence of a comma or a punctuation in certain text will say a lot about your company. You have to avoid problems with the image of your business in the digital medium.
  • It is known that everyone has their opinions on different topics. Even if you have a pretty determined opinion on a controversial topic , it is best not to share it, unless it is necessary. It should be noted that may not be interested in your Followers or other users, and they may stop following you .

Have you learned to use Twitter for companies in a simple and fast way?

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